Contour Mouse Collection

Products to not only relieve pain, but also prevent it

Reduce pain, avoid strain and work faster with a Contour ergonomic mouse. Do you experience discomfort or pain when you use a computer? Your mouse could be the cause.

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  1. Contour Unimouse - lifestyle shot
    Contour Unimouse
    From £84.79 £70.66
  2. Contour RollerMouse Pro - lifestyle shot, shown with a separate keyboard and laptop stand
    Contour RollerMouse Pro
    Now From £327.60 £273.00
  3. Contour RollerMouse Mobile - lifestyle shot
    Contour RollerMouse Mobile
    £224.99 £187.49
  4. Contour RollerMouse Red - lifestyle birdseye view
    Contour RollerMouse Red
    From £370.99 £309.16
  5. Contour RollerMouse Red Arm Support - birdseye view showing it with the RollerMouse
    Contour RollerMouse Red Arm Support
    £130.00 £108.33

5 Items

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