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JOSHO Homeworker Electric Sit-Stand Desk

JOSHO Homeworker Electric Sit-Stand Desk
51 reviews
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JOSHO brings energy and movement to your WFH lifestyle. more info
Now £599.94 £499.95
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Translating as ?rise' in Japanese, the JOSHO Homeworker Electric Sit-Stand Desk moves gently and quietly at the touch of a button to the perfect standing or sitting height for you. The sleek, uncomplicated design of this electric sit-stand desk blends seamlessly into the home environment, giving you a dedicated space to be more active, creative and comfortable while you work.

The clear, tactile up and down buttons can be upgraded to the optional memory switch if you'd like to programme in height settings for effortless transitioning. No need to worry about accidents either. JOSHO is designed to be safe in the home with its smart anti-collision technology, which senses obstructions and instantly stops moving.

Choose between clean white, sleek grey with silver, or stylish all-black to suit your aesthetic. Our experts recommend using the JOSHO Homeworker Electric Sit-Stand Desk to stand for 10-20 minutes every hour, or whenever you feel like it, to shake yourself out of poor sitting postures, boost your circulation, breathe deeply and generally feel better in yourself. The telescopic legs and intelligent electronic movement mechanism makes the JOSHO one of the highest quality, durable standing desks available - and with its 5-year warranty, you can trust that you've made a great long-term investment in your health and productivity.

  • A sit-stand desk for modern work from home lifestyles
  • Smooth, quiet electric lift at the touch of a button
  • Available in clean white, sleek grey with silver, or stylish all-black
  • Ergonomically designed motors hidden within the columns for a clean design
  • Three-part columns with telescopic extension to find your perfect height
  • Stable and sturdy even when extended fully
  • Home-friendly anti-collision technology for safety
  • Adjustable feet
  • Prevents static posture, a cause of aches, pains and decreased productivity
  • Simple electric switch controls up and down lift (40 mm/sec) between ranges of 650-1300 mm
Surface height range:
645–1295 mm
Base height (frame only):
620–1270 mm
Desktop thickness:
25 mm
Desktop width:
1200 mm
Desktop depth:
700 mm
Weight capacity:
100 kg (distributed load)
Electric lift speed:
40 mm/s, w/ super soft-start-stop
Total time (from bottom to top):
16.25 seconds
Two synchronized motors with microprocessor control, thermal sensor
230V AC, standby consumption 0.3W
Noise level:
<50 dB
Intelligent system protection:
Anti-collision system
Leg column:
3 profiles - 60/60, 55/55, 50/50 mm
750 x 70 x 30 mm with level adjustment
Powder coated steel
Desktop/frame colours:
White/White, Grey/Silver, Black/Black
Frame depth:
730 mm
ISO 21016, EN 527-2, EN 527-3
2006/95EC, UL 508:1999, UL 1004 R705:1994, WE DC 2004/108/W
5 years for metal parts
2 years for electronic parts
4.5 / 5
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