Seeing the light - lighting quality relating to DSE


Friday 20 November 2015


Paul Humphrey - Gully Howard Technical


Light has long been recognised as a posing an occupational health and safety risk. Insufficient lighting in the workplace can result in accidents, poor lighting design can cause ergonomic issues and UV in sunlight can cause burns and skin cancer. However, this webinar will concentrate on artificial light and the potential effect exposure has on the body’s melatonin production and circadian rhythms and the health effects which may be arising from such recently researched disruptions.


Paul Humphrey is a Chartered Occupational Hygienist advising employers on how to reduce employees’ risk of harm to health due to exposure to chemical and physical agents in the workplace. He has worked as an occupational hygiene consultant for industry and the UK military for over 15 years. Paul is also involved in the training of occupational hygienists both in the UK and abroad.

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