Wake up, managers! Your team’s mental health is your business

What's this webinar about?

How confident are you to support a colleague’s mental health? Should you wait for your team member to come to you with a mental health concern or should you have spotted the signs beforehand?

Business psychologist Ellice Whyte presents this helpful webinar full of tips for managers to handle mental health issues amongst staff sensitively and appropriately. Small changes to your approach could genuinely make a big difference. Managers have as much impact on our mental health as our partners, research by UKG revealed.

Poor mental health robs you of productivity and talent retention. It’s not about adding to your workload.


  • Is ignoring team mental health a recipe for failure?
  • What might Gen Z staff expect in this new work culture? What are the needs of different age groups in your team?
  • When and how to listen and help. Get the tools to have that initial conversation
  • When and how to hand over an issue to the professionals
  • When and how to seek out help at work for your own mental health

Wellbeing is every manager’s business.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Line managers at all levels in all sectors
  • Everyone responsible for workplace wellbeing, HR and your organisation’s mental health strategy
  • Everyone interested in diversity, equality and inclusion

Date & time

Wednesday 18 October 2023, 11am-12pm


  • Ellice Whyte MSc MBPsS CPBP, accredited business psychologist
  • Katharine Metters C.MIOSH, MCSP, C.ErgHF PGCE, Lead Consultant in Health and Safety and Ergonomics, Posturite