Hepro G2 Aktiv - Manual Lift Chair

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Reasons to Buy

The Hepro G2 Aktiv - Manual Lift Chair is part of our range of high quality, Norwegian-designed office chairs for users with impaired mobility.

The easy-to-manage ergonomic design features a robust wheel-base with plenty of legroom, broad, stable wheels and a fold-down legrest. The Hepro G2 Aktiv’s seat is designed to relieve pressure points, offering good support and non-slip material. You can easily make manual adjustments to height and depth with the readily accessible levers. For ease of control, the wheel brake can be instantly accessed from either side of the chair.

The Hepro G2 Aktiv comes in black fabric. However please note that the optional pressure relief cushioning comes in stylish dark grey.

Seat quality
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Good support
  • Good cushioning
  • Anti-slide material
  • Relieving for pressure points
  • Adjustable seat depth.
Flexible armrests
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Easily extendable
  • Can be tilted backwards to allow easier access for wheelchair users
  • Can be tilted backwards without altering height setting
Ergonomic back
  • Good lumbar support
  • Seamless height regulation
  • Good cushioning
  • Optimal shape for spine support
  • Adjustable back tilt
  • Neck support option
  • Readily accessible levers
  • Many individual regulation options
  • Right or left side
  • Brake can be mounted on left or right side
  • Good and secure wheel brakes
Wheel base and wheels
  • Robust and solid
  • Good legroom
  • Fold-down footrest
  • Broad, stable wheels
  • Easy-roll
Manual gas lift

Enjoy 100, 150 or 200 mm seat lift with the manual gas lift.

Seat dimensions (W x D):
460 x 460 mm
Back dimensions (W x D):
370 x 430 mm
2 years