Active working special: how sit-stand desks will improve your business


Friday 29 April


David Kirtley


David will be presenting the risks and problems associated with prolonged sitting, providing up-to-date and reliable research on its impact to the individual and the business as a whole.

He will also present the concept of active working, including ideas and methods to promote an active working culture in your business, and how sit-stand desks can support this change, again supported by relevant research on the health benefits of sit-stand working, both from a health and a productivity perspective.

Lastly, he will present the costs of investing in sit-stand desks in your office, which may be a lot less than you think...


David Kirtley is the Sales Manager for the Office Environments division of Posturite. He has a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science, and has been a proud member of the Posturite team for nearly fifteen years. David is part of our Senior Management team, and has been since its inception in 2006. In his current position, he heads up the Office Environments team and works closely with customers and suppliers nationwide, resulting in an excellent knowledge of the issues found in offices all over the country and how to prevent and solve them.

David’s expertise lies in contract seating and Height Adjustable Desking, and has led the development of our new DeskRite Evolve range.

Working with Health and Safety managers, OH managers, FMs and HR over the years has given David a broad knowledge of what companies want from a number of different perspectives.

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Q: How much does it cost to retrofit to convert existing desk to sit/stand?

A: The cost is similar to that of purchasing a new desk. The retro fit option is really for those companies that want to keep the look, colour, size and shape of their exiting desk tops, but with a height adjustable frame.

Q: Regarding suggesting walking routes I attempted that but met a legal problem. If the company recommended the route the company felt liable for any injuries or arm whilst on that route!

A: That is disappointing to hear. The only suggestion we could make would be to ask the insurance company what control measures they would like to see to enable this..

Q: I didn't know existing desks can be made into sit/stand desks. do Posturite provide this service?

A: Yes, see above. The cost is no difference.

Q: Is your product made from sustainable material - FSA etc?

A: Yes, the tops are certified too!

Q: Do we need a service contract on the electric sit/stand desks? Other than pat tests?

A: Electrical inspection and where necessary testing is a requirement for all company electrical equipment, desks would be no different. There is no additional requirements for desk than for any other piece of office electrical equipment so for most companies fitting in with their usual PA testing procedure works well.

Q: What are your views on providing "standing" chairs?

A: I think that the right chair is excellent. The HÅG Capisco is a perfect companion to a sit stand desk, and is now available with a square seat (as opposed to the saddle type seat), which makes it more conventional. We have found this to be the best option as it still conforms to the necessary DSE relations, but also allows 2 sitting positions – the traditional sitting posture, and also a perching posture.

Q: Would David be able to forward details of his research please?

A: You can find all of our referencing and further details about our research in our active working brochure. Sources of research are listed on the back cover.