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Tallo Modular™ Triple Monitor Arms

Tallo Modular™ Triple Monitor Arms
1 review
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Finger-touch adjustment for three screens, with a mixture of fixed and gas spring arm configurations. more info
Now £461.54 £384.62
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The easily adjustable Tallo™ Triple Monitor Arms give you the freedom to instantly change your working position to suit your activity, helping your posture and ramping up your productivity. When using more than one screen, they should be positioned side by side, level, without a gap and at arm’s length. The Tallo™ slider is uniquely designed to enable effortless horizontal monitor alignment to save space while aligning the screens at the perfect reach position.

The fixed arm increases reach, height and movement range. The motion arm provides dynamic, effortless height adjustability with gas spring technology. You can use these on their own, or choose a mixture of both. All Tallo™ Triple Monitor Arms are easy to adjust, minimalist in design, and come with an integrated cable management system to improve the look and feel of your workspace.

Tallo Modular™ 3FFS
One central screen and two fixed arms providing reach and angle adjustment. Ideal for workstations where regular height adjustment isn’t required.

Tallo Modular™ 3FMS
The motion arms deliver effortless gas spring height adjustment, great for hot desking and collaborative working. Combining motion and fixed arms provides extra reach as well as greater height, angle and position adjustability.

For your convenience, you'll receive both a grommet and clamp fixing.

  • Engineered by experts based on a principle of dynamic elegance
  • Signature ‘splice’ design disguises the bulk of the structure for a minimalist aesthetic
  • Create your ideal configuration depending on the space you have
  • Choose from fixed or motion arm, or a combination of both
  • Motion arm features effortless gas spring finger-touch adjustment
  • Easy screen elevation to increase desk space and reduce eye, neck, shoulder and back strain
  • 270° arm swivel with 180°lock out feature to avoid collisions with walls or partitions
  • Quick release VESA plates for ease of set up
  • Smart cable management to keep your workstation tidy
  • Add the optional Tallo™ Flexcharge Hub
3FFS: triple - fixed + fixed + slider
3FMS: triple - fixed + motion + slider
Dimensions (H x W x D):
3FFS: 155 x 610 x 374 mm
3FMS: 155 x 620 x 365 mm
Weight limit:
1-9 kg
15 years
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