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High quality office chairs for people with posture problems or disabilities

The best office chair is the one made for you. The Adapt range by Ergochair caters for people of all sizes, shapes and needs by offering an extremely high level of customisation. This allows you to build a chair that fits the contours of your body, supporting you in all the right places and giving you the chance to work in absolute comfort — all designed to preserve your health, boost your happiness and increase your productivity at work.

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  1. Adapt 700 SE Bariatric Chair - front angle view
    Adapt 700 SE Bariatric Chair
    From £1,254.00 £1,045.00
  2. Adapt 700 Bariatric Chair - with arms & headrest - front view
    Adapt 700 Bariatric Chair
    From £1,254.00 £1,045.00
  3. Adapt 200 Chair - with arms & headrest - front/side view
    Adapt 200 Petite Chair
    From £612.00 £510.00
  4. Adapt 511 & 512 Chair - front view
    Adapt 500 Chair Range
    From £528.00 £440.00
  5. Adapt 610 Chair - with arms - front view
    Adapt 600 Chair Range
    From £834.00 £695.00
  6. AdaptLift Chair - with arms & headrest - front/side view
    AdaptLift Chair
    From £4,542.00 £3,785.00
  7. ZentoSmart Chair - with arms & headrest - front view
    ZentoSmart Chair
    From £838.80 £699.00
  8. ZentoFit Chair - front view
    ZentoFit Chair
    From £478.80 £399.00

8 Items

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Why buy an ergonomic office chair?

Many people assume that an ergonomic chair is purely designed to promote a good posture, but there is far more to an ergonomic chair than that!

Ergonomic chairs are actually incredibly beneficial for those of us who spend many hours a day sitting all day in an office at work with computers. They are designed to support the natural inward curve of your spine – which yes – does promote descent posture but also provides you with back support  as they are designed to fit and support the body and spine whilst you work, allowing you to stay comfortable for long periods at your desk.

Together with regular movement and breaks, your productivity will increase and you will, over time, reap long-term health benefits that users of standard office chairs will miss.

Support your back in the office with an ergonomic chair

Do you have shoulder or back pain after you come home from working in your office or even during work hours? You are not alone! Back pain is the second highest reason for long term sickness in the UK and costs the NHS more than £1 billion a year. Sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods of time can definitely cause back pain or worsen an existing back problem. The main reason behind this is that sitting, in an office chair or in general, is a static posture that increases stress in the back, shoulders, arms, and legs, and in particular, can add large amounts of pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs.

Here at Posturite we have many of the best ergonomic office chairs in the UK, specially designed to support your back as you work at your desk, enabling you to be more productive and of course, be more comfortable!

All of our ergonomic office chairs are fully adjustable with many types of customisable features, which are designed to fit to your body and movement. The user can choose the most appropriate height and seating position to suit individual preferences and requirements.  As you may see in our ”Shop By” filter options on the left side menu you can select from many options including low back chairs for a shorter user ,medium back chairs and high back office chairs, designed for taller users.

You may also notice that some of our chairs have different benefits depending on brand. For example, the HÅG chairs are great for active offices and workers as they allow you to be more dynamic in your movements and follow you naturally into your next seating position. RH Chairs are really user-friendly and have lots of adjustment to enable the user to work in complete comfort.

Many of the chairs also have a great variety of optional extras that you can add to your chair to customise it to make it a perfect fit for you and your office. Choose from options such as coccyx cut-out seats, memory foam seats, fully or partially upholstered, or even a built in StepUp footrest. Not to mention the wide range of fabric types including popular mesh back and colours ranging from black, grey and navy to eye-popping yellows, reds and blues - Whatever the industry or office type, we are sure to have something to suit you!

Ergonomic chair functions

To help you select the best ergonomic office chair for you, we have put together a jargon-busting guide to what the functions on our ergonomic chairs do and how they benefit you when you use an ergonomic office chair.

Expert assembly and set up

Have your new chair delivered and set up at a time convenient to you with our market-leading delivery partner. Trained technicians will make sure you’re as comfortable and confident as possible with your purchase – and they’ll even conveniently remove and recycle all the packaging afterwards so you’re ready to go.

Some chairs excluded. Please check the respective product ‘Delivery and Returns’ section to see if this service is available.

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