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Aimed at all those for whom business travel is part and parcel of their everyday working lives, our Personal Travel Safety e-learning course is designed to mitigate the risks involved both for the employee and employer.

The course – the 18th in our ever-growing health and safety software library – focuses on issues such as the dangers of travelling, best practice, what to do in emergencies, and employer duties.

Days spent visiting different parts of the country or travelling abroad – with nights spent in hotels - may sound exciting or even glamorous. But for those who actually do it with any regularity, the appeal is somewhat reduced.

Any form of travel comes with risk, so safety is always an issue both for the employee and employer. Our Personal Travel Safety course offers a convenient and cost-effective way for regular travellers and their managers to understand and lessen those risks.

All our courses can be adapted to meet companies’ individual needs. They are supported by our widely praised, unique online management system, which captures essential information for the health and safety team and provides a fully auditable trail of actions taken or required.


Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).


  • Introduction
  • General Travel
  • Transportation Best Practice
  • Foreign Travel Preparation
  • Understanding Your Destination
  • Summary
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