Management System Screenshot

All Q-Pulse WorkRite e-learning courses are supported by a unique online management system which captures essential information for your health and safety team and provides a fully-auditable trail of actions required or taken.

It allows you to:

  • Manage trainee data
  • Follow a trail of actions required or taken
  • Receive and set up automatic reminders of training requirements and post-assessment actions
  • View all training records
  • Create and view reports
  • E-mail trainees

The Benefits

The learning management system is, without doubt, the best on the market. It offers a number of unique facilities and benefits to make life easier for those responsible for planning and overseeing health and safety training programmes.

Here are just a few:

  • It saves both time and resources because it is designed with problem solution and issue resolution at its core. Feedback from the 9,000-plus face-to-face DSE assessments that Posturite carries out each year plays a major role in its on-going development.
  •  It is configured to meet your precise needs. Every small detail captured from our implementation planning meetings is integrated to ensure a smooth and effective roll-out and accurate on-going reporting functions.
  • Its intuitive and powerful reporting tools allow you to interrogate the system for non-compliance and trend analysis. If a report you need isn’t currently available, we will create and build it for you as a simple one click-function.
  • Outstanding customer service. WorkRite offers the same high levels of pre and post-sales support on which Posturite has built its enviable reputation over the past 25 years.
  • It keeps everyone in the loop. Automated emails not only help ensure users complete their training but also notifies them and their managers of any further actions required – for example, when urgent issues such as pain or broken equipment are recorded.
  • The sheer simplicity of accessing the system – it requires nothing more than a computer and an internet connection – making it more likely people will complete the training. Any hurdles put in their way, such as plug-ins, offer an excuse not to bother.