Our Consultants can initiate and manage the roll-out of the courses you choose, as well as solving any issues you run into. We will also collate reports for you on a regular basis. The process effectively outsources the function of DSE training and assessment to Posturite, which allows you to focus your time and precious resources on business critical and high priority tasks.

For clients who choose to manage the system themselves, Posturite offers an overload service where our consultants focus on resolving your outstanding issues. We do that by giving email advice and support or by providing on-site training and specialist assessments. If you choose this option but then encounter a problem, or if you just change your mind, don’t worry; we can still take over the complete administration of your system if required.

Managed Service

Our Managed Services are completely flexible and depend on your needs with regard to policies, procedures and resources. Here are 2 examples of services we currently deliver:

Option 1 – Managed Roll-out

A multi-national oil and gas company appointed Posturite earlier this year to train over 12,000 staff globally, and embarked on a 12 month roll-out. Each month Posturite assists the client in training their designated administrators across selected countries by launching the system in the local language. Each time, Posturite ensures the administrator training is completed correctly so that the system can be fully utilised and training records are kept up to date. The running of reports and any assessment follow ups are then dealt with locally by the newly trained administrators.

Option 2 – Managed Service

A FTSE 100 insurance company has utilised our fully Managed Service across their UK offices for the past three years. This effectively outsources all DSE functions to Posturite. We carry out full system administration as well as scheduling and carrying out any necessary assessment follow ups through on-site intervention. Our designated Q-Pulse WorkRite system administrator liaises with the client on a weekly basis to provide detailed completion and trend analysis reports, as specified by the client.

When the company requested something beyond our Managed Service we could also help. A requirement recently came to light for an Ergonomic workstation assessment in their Sydney, Australia office. Within five working days Posturite had carried out the assessment and two days later we provided an in depth report outlining recommendations for that individual (NB: the assessment carried out in Sydney was charged separately).