Safeguarding e-learning course screenshots

This course is designed to help you learn the basics of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. It will help you to recognise abuse and neglect, help you to decide on the right response at the right time and, when appropriate, make a referral.

Course summary

Employers have a legal duty to protect children and vulnerable adults in the workplace, but who is vulnerable, what do we need to protect them from, and how should we do so?

Our safeguarding e-learning course will take users steadily through the laws and expectations that are in place to prevent the abuse and neglect of vulnerable people. Learn the four ‘Rs’ of safeguarding and discover how to create a safe culture within your organisation where individuals can flourish.

With interactive elements and memorable illustrations, users will have no trouble absorbing critical information that could help protect vulnerable individuals in the future.

Learning outcomes

  • Find out what ‘safeguarding’ means and why it is important
  • Learn whose responsibility safeguarding is
  • Identify the type of individuals who may need safeguarding
  • Become aware of legislation surrounding safeguarding
  • Find out what it takes to create a safe culture within your organisation, from recruitment onwards

Course benefits

  • Free online management system for easy reporting and organisation of training
  • Cost-effective way of ensuring employees are up-to-speed and best positioned to protect vulnerable individuals in the workplace
  • Users don't have to go offsite or take longer than an hour to complete course
  • Users can complete course at the own pace and go back to a saved point at a later date
  • Provides automatic email reminders to prompt users to finish course
  • Police-approved secure platform with hourly data backups encrypted with AES-256 encryption
  • Test reinforces knowledge and provides measurable data
  • Interactive, immersive visual learning
  • Easy-to-digest information
  • Peace-of-mind for employers
  • Protect vulnerable staff, customers and clients

Course duration

15-45 minutes


  • Introduction
  • Harm caused by abuse and neglect
  • The four ‘Rs’ of safeguarding
  • Preventing abuse and neglect
  • Organised safeguards
  • Summary
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