BakkerElkhuizen Ergo-Q 160 Laptop Stand

BakkerElkhuizen Ergo-Q 160 Laptop Stand
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Reasons to Buy

The Ergo-Q 160 is a foldable and compact ergonomic laptop stand, to easily fit into any laptop bag or backpack for effortless carrying to and from the office. more info
£76.74 £63.95
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This laptop stand is made from 75% recycled materials and this high-quality aluminium sandwich material in several layers makes it very stable and indestructible.

A great choice for hybrid working where you are on the go between different workplaces, the BakkerElkhuizen Ergo-Q 160 Laptop Stand is a compact size, has magnetic closure and is very lightweight.

Work in a healthier posture and use the stand to raise your laptop screen to the optimum height and viewing angle. It’s all about good ergonomics. Quickly set up your laptop stand in seconds and choose from five height levels.

The Ergo-Q 160 is suitable for almost any laptop size up to 17" and works also for tablets and mobile screens.

Image of the Ergo-Q 160 Laptop Stand, showing someone unfolding it, ready to mount a laptop on

Five height levels

Easy to get your positioning perfect.

Image of the Ergo-Q 160 Laptop Stand being setup for use

Perfect for hybrid working

Takes seconds to set up.

Easy to improve posture

Position the top of your screen at about eye level.

Illustration showing the correct setup, with your eyes in line with the top of your screen

Approved by ergonomists

Recommended for your health and productivity.

Image of the Ergo-Q 160 Laptop Stand

Reasons to buy


Five different height positions


Suitable for all laptops up to 17 inches


Lightweight, stable and easy to carry


Modern and elegant dark grey design


Manufactured from 75% recycled materials


Includes environmentally friendly protective sleeve

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Ideal for home offices

Unfold the sturdy parts and telescopic wings to create an incredibly strong and stable laptop stand that offers an incredible six choices of height and angle adjustment so you can find the perfect position for your laptop.

Image of illustration of same man - one doesn't have a laptop stand and can cause back pain. The other using a laptop stand and isn't hunched over

Laptop helpful hints

You will need to use a separate mouse and keyboard so that your forearms can be level with the top of your desk. With your eyes in line with the top of your screen, you should find it easier to maintain healthier postures for longer bouts of productivity - even while on the move.

Also make sure...

1. Arms relaxed by your side
2. Balanced head, not leaning forward
3. Screen approximately arms length from you
4. Top of screen about eye level

For more helpful hints and tips on your laptop and workstation set-up check out our advice sheet.

  • Super compact, thin and light
  • Flexible height adjustment: choice of five settings
  • Suitable for everyone, no matter how tall you are
  • Supports a healthier posture
  • Helps reduces physical discomfort
  • Manufactured from 75% recycled materials
  • Resistant to dents and scratches
  • Environmentally friendly protective sleeve included
Dimensions (L x W x H):
266 x 215 x 8 mm
227 g
Number of height adjustments:
Height adjustment range:
110-180 mm
Maximum laptop thickness:
18 mm
Suitable for:
Laptop or screen size 10", 11.6", 12", 12.9", 13.3", 14", 15.6", 16", 17"
Product materials:
Aluminum sandwich, rubber, steel
Recycled materials:
Yes: 75%
Yes: 98%
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