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Want to create a happier, healthier, more active workspace at home?

We’ve got the answers.

The best ergonomic home office furniture and healthy working habits transform an uncomfortable working day into a day of creativity and productivity.

The most stylish home office furniture from Posturite can make you feel good about working from home.

Ergonomics is for everyone

Everything in the Posturite home office shop is approved by our ergonomic specialists. You’ll find technology such as a vertical mouse and mini keyboard as well as the best ergonomic office chair for working from home and a superb choice of height-adjustable desks for standing work which you lower down for sitting work.

Ergonomics is not just for the corporate headquarters in the city...

Bring good design and ergonomics home

Posturite is the largest and best-loved ergonomics company in Britain.

You want the best health benefits, efficiency, safety and comfort from your working equipment? Choose ergonomic. Ergonomics is putting humans at the centre of the design, and humans as the focus when choosing the environment, the task and the equipment.

Posture is a part of it, of course! We help you improve your posture when working – with the aim of improving your long-term health and wellbeing.

Your ergonomic office chair and home desk

Posturite home office chairs and our desks are built to last – which is part of the reason why organisations such as NHS trusts and universities choose us and have done for 30 years.

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Your Posturite team

There are expert people running our online shop at Posturite. People who can give you personalised ergonomic product advice for homeworking and people who top businesses consult for ergonomic office furniture recommendations. The services Posturite provide to businesses ensure that we are at the top of our game to help individual customers too.

Your body, and how you work

The Posturite team is bursting with knowledge about preventing and alleviating back ache, shoulder ache, neck ache, wrist pain and more at work. We call them musculoskeletal conditions. With physiotherapists, sports scientists and ergonomists on the team, we’re on a mission to help you feel better at work.

The Posturite story

The Posturite story

We know ergonomics. You want style and comfort.

You want to be pain-free. We know posture and positioning.

At Posturite, we’re here to help you feel better as you work from home.