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The Opløft for healthy homeworking

I'm using my Oploft to stand to work in my home office

Photography: Lifestyle blogger Sarah at Style & Decor

Anyone who meets me will soon discover just how active I am. However, when it comes to my work as a journalist, it’s inevitable that I will end up spending far too much time perched on a chair, sitting in my studio. The thing is, I know that sitting for prolonged periods of time can be a real problem, but it’s tricky not to do this when working from home. So, this got me thinking about ways in which I could perhaps change my homeworking situation for the better...

Homeworking and practicalities

According to the NHS, sitting for a prolonged length of time is thought to slow down the metabolism. This, in turn, can affect how we regulate blood sugar and blood pressure and metabolise fat. Did you know that sitting down for too long may even make your muscles and bones weaker? And, I’m sorry to say, that’s not all as this can make you put on weight and develop poor posture. In fact, the latter can also result in chronic pain, such as a bad back.

Sitting and standing at work

The sit-stand platform is becoming an increasingly popular idea in the UK. This concept is renowned for creating ultra-healthy working conditions and it’s cost-effective too; there's no need to buy a new desk when you can use the one you've already got.

Oploft standing desk converter

Even the husband already has a standing desk converter at work. He literally raves about it and he’s told me before that I should have one.

I suffer from a bad back and my neck can become rather sore at times, thanks to an old whiplash injury. However, I’ve heard that a sit-stand platform can help to alleviate these sorts of issues and this can ultimately help to improve your posture. It will create an adjustable workstation, which you can modify when you plan to sit and stand.

Style matters

Style must match functionality in my home office. Until recently, most standing desk converter choices don’t score highly in terms of good looks. But I’ve just found a brilliant option, which looks super-smart - the Opløft sit-stand platform from Posturite.

A stylish sit-stand platform for working from home

It features a chic, white surface with silver handles and an attractive matching circular Opløft logo. So, it seems, you don't have to substitute style for functionality. Underneath, the mechanics are all black, which creates a sleek contrast.

The Opløft sit-stand platform has 14 height levels so you're bound to find the right setting to suit your individual needs.

How I've switched up my studio

Bird's eye view of the Oploft

This sleek, slimline platform weighs in at around 12kg and I can lift it, however I plan to use mine in one position only in my studio. In comparison, I also hear this design is half the weight of its rivals. The surface measures 60cm by 78cm surface and 3cm depth when folded flat. This provides you with plenty of room for all your essentials plus any decoration. So, size-wise, this is ideal for me and it fits onto my desk perfectly.

Other practicalities are important too, because I need to be able to work hard on my Style and Décor blog. The Opløft can hold up to 12kg and I can easily fit my laptop, notebook and pen (yes, I like a touch of old-school in my home working life!), my mobile phone holder and ergonomic mouse. I can even add a freshly cut dahlia from the garden in a vase. But will this really work whenever I'm moving the platform into place?

Ergonomic mouse on an Oploft

Move to improve

My new Opløft sit-stand platform literally glides up and down into place, thanks to powerful gas spring tech. So, you can easily sit and stand throughout your working day. Simply grip the handles and push them out with your thumbs then raise. You can let go when you've reached the right height; this needs to be at a 90° angle with your forearms.

It’s brilliant - so easy to use and such a solid piece of kit that nothing on this platform even wobbles during movement. This will instantly elevate your desk space so you can stand while you work. Just remember however that standing all day working is also not good for you. The key is to achieve the right balance and changes in your posture.

Posturite offers some great sitting, standing and moving advice, which comes from a Cornell Uni study. You could choose to break your daily home working routine into 30-minute sessions; sit for 20 mins, stand for eight and stretch or move for two. This is working well for me as I’m setting myself a timer.

I'm using ergonomic kit to help me work more comfortably at home

Posturite’s Opløft sit-stand desk converter enables you to change your posture regularly when you elevate the platform (it offers you 14 height levels) and return it to sit flat on your desk (you'll need to sit in a chair for this part). So, the key is to alternate the platform, and therefore sit and stand, several times each day. I'm finding this easy to do and it actually makes me feel more energised, too. Productivity is vital for me to produce work to a high standard.

These days, I’m loving the chance to alternate between sitting and standing during my working day. I’m feeling less aches and pains and altogether feel reenergised with my recent healthier homeworking adjustments.

Photography and blog by Sarah at Style & Decor. Follow @styleanddecorUK on Instagram.

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