Active working from home survey: an infographic

How frequently do you move when you work from home? Are you ‘chained’ to your desk for hours on end?

Compare your own homeworking habits with those of other people in the ‘Move it!’ survey results infographic below.

Research was carried out by the wellbeing at work team at Posturite to discover:

  1. How often do you usually move away from your desk when working from home?
  2. Would you like to change your habits and move more frequently?
  3. Which work venue do you tend to be more sedentary in?
  4. What prompts you to move when homeworking?

So what kind of active working is recommended by Posturite?

  • Moving away from our desks frequently for short breaks from sitting.
  • Changing our tasks and posture regularly.

Get the infographic also as a PDF download.

Move it survey infographic

The recommendation for how frequently to move away from our desks

Professor in Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and Health Dr Charlotte Edwardson says: 

“We recommend that people take short but frequent breaks – around every 30-60 minutes just for a few minutes – while they’re working.”

Remember that inactivity while working can lead to back pain.

A good way to be more active while working is to use a sit-stand desk or sit-stand desk converter. Standing to work for periods within the day is a win-win because you can still get your work completed but you're increasing your activity and changing your posture - for physical and mental health benefits.