Footrest buying guide

Find the perfect under-desk footrest or foot support with this handy introductory guide.

Footrests allow you to support your feet so you can sit in a more comfortable position in your office chair. And did you know that using a good footrest can also benefit your back and legs, as well as your feet?

What types of ergonomic footrest are there?

Footrest designs differ by:

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How to choose your footrest

  • Is your main aim to improve your ergonomic positioning at your desk by supporting your feet? For example if your height means that your feet don't touch the floor when seated at your desk?
    You could choose the Footmate Footrest or the Score Pro 959 Footrest which you adjust with your foot.
  • Would you also like to bring movement (such as rocking your feet) to your working day? This might be to help relieve pain and stiffness.
    There are numerous good choices, including the Breyta™ Foot Support or the Ultimate Foot Support.
  • Would you also like the footrest surface to be available to massage the soles of your feet? This could relieve tension and stress.
    You could choose a footrest with a bumpy or ridged surface, such as the highly recommended Fellowes Standard Footrest.

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What kind of movement can a footrest bring?

For increased circulation in your legs while you work, you can point and flex your feet with a footrest like the Fellowes Standard Footrest. It has a useful free-floating mechanism.

With a dancey name, use the HÅG Quickstep to make a rocking motion, and this can help stimulate circulation and allow your leg muscles to stretch and contract.

The rocking feature of the Breyta™ Foot Support also aims to reduce leg fatigue by increasing circulation.

Read footrest reviews to make sure the back-and-forth rocking will be smooth and quiet.

Can using the right footrest help relieve pain?

Yes, a footrest can be a great help if you're experiencing aching knees, legs and ankles at your office desk.

Ergonomic footrests are designed to support you and your position from the feet up, taking pressure off your thighs to keep you comfortable when sitting at your desk.

Remember to change your posture regularly and take frequent breaks away from your desk to help with this too.

If your feet dangle when you are at the correct height for typing, then that might be putting greater stress on your lower back and also putting unnecessary pressure on the back of your upper legs. A footrest brings contact relief from your legs and helps keep your lower back supported by the backrest. Use this Art of Sitting guide to get your positioning just right.

How much does a footrest cost?

Many good footrests to go under your desk cost from roughly £40 to £200. You can get free UK delivery at Posturite, plus a discount when you subscribe to emails.

Your warranty on a footrest will typically be one year, but a few models have a ten year warranty.

What are footrests made from?

The majority of footrests are made from hard-wearing plastic. The Breyta™ Foot Support is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) - an impact-resistant engineering thermoplastic which is 100% recyclable. Look out for footrests made from recycled or 100% recyclable materials.

The Professional Series™ Heavy Duty Foot Support lives up to its name by having a steel structure for sturdy support.

Footrest reviews

How do others rate their new footrests? Customer reviews for ergonomic footrests include:

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"Great if like me you get pain in ankles and knees. Discreet and lightweight so that if you have to move desks its not too difficult to move."
Nicola, reviewing the HÅG Quickstep.

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"A very good footrest. Feels stable and sturdy. Does the job!"
Linda, reviewing the Ultimate Foot Support.

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"Very helpful to get the right position at my desk. It's good being able to flex my ankles, as well as having my feet raised slightly."
Sylvia, reviewing the Footmate Footrest.

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"Easy to set up and adjust. Sturdy foot support."
Sam, reviewing the Office Suites™ Microban® Adjustable Foot Support.

Can you also get leg rests?

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Yes, use a stable and adjustable leg rest with contoured padding and a five-star base when you need to provide relief and support for your leg. This can be much more comfortable than a makeshift solution.

A good leg rest allows for comfortable foot, knee and hip alignment. You can get both single or double leg rests.

Adjust both the height and tilt of the Positiv Leg Rest or Single & Double Leg Rest to suit you.

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