kneeling chairs

An alternative approach to seating

The 'kneeling' position of a kneeling chair encourages a posture to better align your back, shoulders and neck. Kneeling chairs that have a rocking seat also stimulate variety in your position and movement when sitting.

The idea behind the kneeling chair design is that when the seat is angled forwards the pelvis is in a more neutral position and thus the spine, in a poised natural position with an open hip angle. Moving regularly is good for you, so a rocking, kneeling chair is a fantastic way to encourage more movement.

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  1. Putnams Standard Kneeling Chair - Black
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What is a kneeling chair?

A kneeling chair is a type of stool in which the seat slopes forwards and knee supports are provided to keep the user in place. This forces the body into a comfortable kneeling position and takes the weight off the lower back by dividing it between the shins and buttocks.

Why buy a kneeling chair?

Kneeling chairs are useful for anybody who spends long periods of time in a seated position. It is also a good choice for those already suffering back pain. Kneeling chairs take the strain from your lower back and create an open angle between the torso and thighs, enhancing oxygen flow through the body to help keep you alert and focussed on work tasks.

What are the benefits of kneeling chairs?

  • Reduced stress on the lower back.
  • Adjustable height and angles to suit the needs of each user.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport around the premises.
  • Can be adjusted to fit higher work surfaces.

What is the proper way to use a kneeling chair?

When using a kneeling chair, your bottom should be carrying the bulk of your weight. The lower pad is there to act as a support for your shins to stop you feeling as if you are sliding forwards. Begin by sitting on the seat, before resting your knees gently (or slightly above) the pads, in the kneeling position.