The best chairs for active sitting

You probably don't need a scientific study to tell you that sitting still all day isn't good for you. It can leave you feeling stiff, achy, tense and unable to focus.

Active sitting

The average UK adult spends nine hours a day sitting down. If you have an office job, your overall sitting time may be significantly higher - once you've added in work hours, commuting time and sitting down to eat and relax in the evening. Unfortunately the human body isn't well-equipped for this amount of sedentary time. In fact, not moving enough has been linked to musculoskeletal injury, weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, some cancers and premature death. Studies show that even an hour in the gym won't offset the damage done by sitting all day, because it's the regularity of movement, as well as the amount, that matters.

Employers, aware of the productivity and profit loss resulting from sitting-related issues, are beginning to look for solutions.

Our CEO and founder Ian Fletcher-Price said: "We know the healthiest way of working in an office is to move regularly between sitting, standing and moving about. We’re not saying abandon your office chairs. Just make sure you choose the right one.”

It is possible for display screen equipment users to incorporate more physical activity into their daily routines without compromising on the amount of work done. It's a misconception to think that being present at our screens is a sign of productivity. Concentration comes in waves, and we need stimulation, movement and regular breaks for optimal performance. When those hazy, brain-fog moments hit throughout the day you can either stare blankly at your screen waiting for inspiration, or you can get up and go for a brisk walk outside. You're more likely to feel rejuvenated and inspired with the second option.

A chair that promotes movement will contribute towards your daily activity levels. By giving you the freedom to fidget and move, active sitting chairs naturally help you feel more alert without distracting you from your work.

Our active sitting chair collection is designed to combat the health issues associated with sedentary behaviour. Here are some of the best chairs for active sitting:

1. Muvman Standing Seat

The award-winning Muvman stool is specifically designed for active sitting. Thanks to patented flexzone® technology, Muvman offers good support without sacrificing freedom of movement. The 4° forward tilt of the spring strut means that the Muvman automatically adapts to your sitting position. A grip handle at the rear makes it easy to transport from one space to another and the flexible, adaptable seat edge enhances comfort.

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2. HÅG Capisco

The HÅG Capisco is based on a horse riding saddle to promote balanced siting with good posture, and encouraging the user to try a variety of different positions. Try sitting forwards, backwards, or sideways depending on the task you're carrying out. The HÅG Capisco is particularly popular in creative industries like design, art and illustration because of the level of support and variety of position it offers.

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3. HÅG SoFi

Unlike the other options we've mentioned in this list of active sitting chairs, HÅG SoFi looks like a conventional office chair. However, it boasts a sophisticated movement mechanism hidden within its modern, seamless body. Use your feet on the floor to add a little motion into your working day and boost your circulation as a result.

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4. ONGO® Classic

Want to sit more actively and enhance your health? This little active sitting stool, the ONGO® Classic, comes in 6 colours and moving on it can help strengthen the muscle groups in your back. Its curved base has a narrow track which holds a ball sits, and actually gives acoustic feedback on every movement. Customers have rated its comfort very highly!

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5. Profim Mickey

Let’s give a pouffe the respect it deserves. Have fun using this stylish height-adjustable swivel stool at home – the Profim Mickey won’t take up much space yet is super versatile. It tilts sideways 10° to give you your active sitting fix.

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6. Ergo Ball

We get asked a lot about whether it's okay to use a fitness ball as an office chair, and our Lead Consultant Katharine Metters has written a blog post to explain why we don't recommend this. While Ergo Ball shouldn't be used instead of an ergonomic office chair, it can be used as an active break away from one. Use it to make quick conference calls, or carry out core strengthening exercises and stretches when you need a break from your screen.

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That concludes our list of the best chairs for active sitting, although there are many more excellent options to choose from on our website. Shop our entire collection of active sitting seats here.