Monitor arm buying guide

A monitor arm can play a key role in your ergonomic home office setup. By helping you improve your positioning to work at your desk, your monitor arm helps you work comfortably and productively.

Why do people use a monitor arm?

A monitor arm is a great piece of ergonomic kit for two main reasons:

  1. It enables you to easily adjust the height, angle, tilt and distance of your computer screen
  2. It frees up space on your desk

Why is the ability to adjust the position of your screen important? Because the position of the screen you're looking at affects your posture, and good posture helps you avoid aches and pains. See our guide to monitor positioning.

A monitor arm also looks good! Many have cable management systems to minimise clutter. You can choose a black, white or silver monitor arm at Posturite.

How do you attach a monitor arm to a desk?

Most commonly, a clamp attaches the arm to the back of your desk. Your monitor now doesn't take up space on your desk. The clamp is usually provided and you can check the clamp size will fit your desk thickness by looking at the specification of the monitor arm.

Other options are:

  • Install your arm through a grommet hole in your desk
  • Have a freestanding arm which simply stands on your desk

What are the different kinds of monitor arm?

Single monitor arm icon

If you just use one screen, choose a single monitor arm.

Dual monitor arm icon

When you use two screens, there are dual monitor arms to help you.

Triple monitor arm icon

Good news: there are also monitor arms designed especially for three screens.

Stacking monitor arm icon

If you use two screens, one above the other, use a stacking monitor arm.

Monitor arms for specific sit-stand platforms

Do you have an Opløft or a Deskrite 100 sit-stand platform? Then you need to choose the monitor arm made to fit these specifically. Another monitor arm would restrict its movement.

Compatibility with your monitors

If your monitor or monitors are particularly large and heavy, have a quick check of their size and weight and then check the specification of a monitor arm for compatibility.

Many monitors have a 'VESA plate' and the monitor arms are 'VESA compliant'. A VESA plate is the square or rectangular-shaped group of four attachment holes on the back of your monitor (it may be covered up by your built-in monitor stand so you'll find it when you unscrew the stand). A monitor arm may state the size of VESA plate it is compatible with.

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What should you look for in a good monitor arm?

Strength icon


Stability icon


Aesthetics icon


Easy adjustability icon

Easy adjustability

Cable management features icon

Cable management features

How much does a monitor arm cost?

Most monitor arms cost between £70 and £250 including VAT (2023 prices).
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Monitor arm reviews

See what others are saying about their monitor arms and what they find most helpful:

Thumbs-up icon

"Absolutely loving the monitor arm. Lots more space on my desk and monitors are the right position to ensure I don't have neck pain."
Abbad, reviewing the Platinum Series™ Dual Monitor Arm.

Thumbs-up icon

"Strong and stable. An essential piece of equipment when working with a 32" flat screen monitor."
Michael, reviewing the Opløft Monitor Arm.

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"This arm has been great as it saves space on my desk and has allowed me to adjust the screen to suit me. I'm very happy with it."
Christine, reviewing the DeskRite 100 Monitor Arm.

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