left-handed keyboards

Equip yourself with an ergonomic keyboard designed especially for left-handed people

It’s challenging to adapt to a right-handed world. Our left-handed keyboards are designed with the layouts flipped so that left-handers have access to the number pad and control keys on the left-hand side for easier, more natural typing. This also frees up space on the left side for a left-handed mouse to be used without restriction, or overreaching, both of which can contribute to RSI and other upper limb disorders. Shop our collection of high quality ergonomic left-handed keyboards to transform your workflow now.

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  1. S-board 840 Design Numeric Numberpad (Ergostars Saturnus)
  2. Accuratus Number Pad with Palm Rest - optional extra
    Accuratus Number Pad with Palm Rest
    £19.69 £16.41
  3. Goldtouch Number Pad
    Goldtouch Number Pad
    £89.94 £74.95
  4. Accuratus Contour Ergonomic Split Keyboard - birdseye view
    Accuratus Contour Ergonomic Split Keyboard
    From £58.74 £48.95
  5. Black Left-Handed Keypad Keyboard - birdseye view
    Black Left-Handed Keypad Keyboard
    £43.20 £36.00
  6. Left-Handed Mechanical Keyboard - front view
    Left-Handed Mechanical Keyboard
    £99.98 £83.32
  7. Goldtouch Ergonomic Split Keyboard - front
    Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard
    From £191.94 £159.95

7 Items

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