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Reduce the risk of tech neck with a tablet stand

With the growing popularity of tablets, including Apple’s iPad, we are now stocking a number of tablet stands and universal tablet stands, which are a great ergonomic solution as they allow you browse online, surf the net of watch movies on your desk. Some of the stands have unique features such as rotating a full 360 degrees for you to use in portrait and landscape positions and are extremely durable and great for use whilst traveling.

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  1. 26%OFF
    Vision Laptop/Tablet Stand - angle view with laptop - lifestyle shot
    Vision Laptop/Tablet Stand
    Now £74.99 £62.49 Was £101.94 £84.95
  2. 17%OFF
    Cricket Laptop/Tablet Stand - lifestyle shot
    Cricket Laptop/Tablet Stand
    Now £49.99 £41.66 Was £59.94 £49.95
  3. Go Eco Wave Tablet Stand - front angle view, open - with tablet
    Go Eco Wave Tablet Stand
    £107.99 £89.99
  4. StarTech Adjustable Tablet Stand with Arm - lidestyle shot
    StarTech Adjustable Tablet Stand with Arm
    £43.19 £35.99
  5. 22%OFF
    Addit Bento® Ergonomic Toolbox 900 - lifestyle shot, showing use as a laptop stand
    Addit Bento® Ergonomic Toolbox 900
    Now £60.48 £50.40 Was £78.00 £65.00
  6. iPad2 SpinStand
    iPad SpinStand
    £59.94 £49.95
  7. TabletRiser - Mobile Tablet Holder
  8. 17%OFF
    Box Office Pro - lifestyle shot, shown as a tablet stand
    Box Office Pro
    Now £59.99 £49.99 Was £71.99 £59.99

8 Items

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Why a tablet stand?

Aches, pains and injuries can develop from spending too long holding an iPad or tablet without good positioning or support. A tablet stand holds your device at a desirable angle without you needing to hang your head, lean over, or fatigue your fingers, hands and arms by holding it aloft for long periods. A tablet stand is great when you need your tablet on your desk while you work, or on the kitchen side if you’re reading recipes, or using it to watch media. To integrate your tablet into your workflow, simply place it on the stand either directly below your monitor (if there’s enough room), or close beside it to reduce the amount of head turning and twisting.

How do I choose the right tablet stand?

Our tablet stands come in a variety of styles, using different designs to achieve elevation and stability for your device. You can find iPad stands, universal tablet stands and tablet stands that double as other tools such as laptop stands, document holders and storage containers. Remember, if you’re struggling to find the right product for you, we’re always here to help. Simply select the green chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to ask for advice choosing a tablet stand.