Best desks for homeworkers

Whatever your homeworking situation looks like - whether you're well-equipped with a dedicated home office all to yourself, or you're simply making do with a corner of the living/dining/bedroom, choosing a good desk that provides you with ample room to get comfortable should be an important consideration.

Lifestyle image of the Opløft Sit-Stand Platform

The best desks for homeworkers are the ones that suit your budget, role requirements, work behaviours and of course the space they're occupying. We've selected a range of desks or home office desks that we think are ideal for various work from home situations.

Best for a temporary 'as and when' workstation

Positiv Homeworker Desk

Positiv Homeworker Desk (Screw In Legs) and (Foldaway Legs)

Maybe you've found yourself working from home unexpectedly and don't want to splash out on a whole range of home office furniture. Or perhaps you want a desk that's light and flexible enough to be taken down and folded away when you don't need it.

Made in Britain, the Positiv Homeworker Desk is designed to create a sturdy pop-up workstation anywhere in the home, making it a good option for those who plan to work from home only temporarily, or who don't have space to have a full set-up in place all the time.

Choose from two leg designs: fold away, or screw-in. Assemble in minutes to create a high quality, sturdy workstation that'll carry all your equipment and enable you to set up safely according to the display screen equipment (DSE) regulations.

Best for sit-stand where you don't have space for a full sized desk

Opløft Sit-Stand Platform

If you're starting to feel a little cooped up at home, you might enjoy using a sit-stand desk, which gives you a reason and a means to stand up from time to time - without having to actually stop working.

Opløft is a height-adjustable platform that, in its collapsed state, measures at just over an inch high, meaning that it barely makes any difference to your existing workstation when in a sitting position. Pull the handles and enjoy smooth, gas-assisted lifting to a choice of fourteen heights so you can stand up and move about while working.

Best electric sit-stand desk

JOSHO Homeworker Electric Sit-Stand Desk

JOSHO Homeworker Electric Sit-Stand Desk

If you're building a more permanent home office - why not make it as healthy as possible? The JOSHO is a full-sized standing desk with smooth electric lift at the touch of a button. It looks sleek and simple and even features a built-in anti-collision system to detect obstructions and automatically cut the motor.

Available in all white or sleek all black to suit your environment. We have a large selection of home office chairs to match.

Most portable sit-stand desk converter

Standfriend Sit-Stand Platform

Pop the Standfriend on top of your existing desk or table and improve your health and wellbeing by sometimes standing to work, and sometimes sitting. It has a stylish metal frame and wooden platforms which you slot into the right height for you on the frame.

Best for versatility

Smart Slot Sit-Stand Homeworking Desk

The Smart Slot Desk

If you're keen to get up and running with your homeworking desk as soon as possible, you'll love the Smart Slot Desk, which requires no tools to construct. This simple yet remarkably sturdy flat-pack design is not only fast and easy to assemble - it also looks stylishly minimal and contemporary. You have the option to buy the basic fixed height desk, or add the sit-stand converter if you'd like to stand and work, as well as the under-desk pedestal and stand-alone bookcase. All made with the same on-trend birch ply for a Scandinavian look.

Whichever desk you choose, make sure your chair is set at the right height so that your forearms are at right angles to the front of the desk, and you don't have to hunch or droop your shoulders to use your equipment.

For more information about correct sitting posture to prevent bad back, head over to our homeworking hints infographic.