Standfriend Sit-Stand Platform

Standfriend Sit-Stand Platform
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Add an original design piece to your office with the minimalist Standfriend and stand at your desk for periods of time during the working day. more info
£264.00 £220.00
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The simple and clever design of the Standfriend helps you enjoy active working. This sit-stand platform features an elegant metal frame, two wooden platforms which you slot into the position of your choice on the frame, and a fourth piece which stabilises the stand. The Standfriend is designed to be placed on top of your existing desk or table.

Place your laptop on the smaller platform towards the top, so that when standing your eyes are approximately level with the top of the screen. Then slot the larger platform lower down for your separate keyboard and mouse. The Standfriend gives you plenty of room here for anything else you need, such as a phone or glass of water.

Break up your working day with periods of standing as well as sitting and moving to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits. Varying your working posture activates your leg and core muscles, slightly increases heart rate and boosts calorie burn. When you wish to sit, simply place the platform for your laptop in a lower position.

Manufactured using a sustainable process in Sweden, the Standfriend is two colours in one. The platforms are reversible with graphite grey on one side and smooth white on the other. Easily store this sit-stand platform when you don’t need it – it folds up and can even be hung on a wall.

Close up of the keyboard and mouse 'platform' on the Standfriend

Flexible design

Place your laptop, keyboard and mouse in the position that’s best for you.

The Standfriend Sit-Stand Platform, shown folded

Two colours in one

The platforms are white on one side and grey on the other, with a black stand.

Easy to use

Take out and put away your Standfriend in a few steps.

Close up of the keyboard and mouse 'platform', showing how easily it can be taken off and reversed

Enjoy active working

Create a standing desk by placing the Standfriend on your existing desk.

Image showing the Standfriend Sit-Stand Platform being used in a home environment

Reasons to buy


Contemporary Scandinavian design


Strong yet simple


Easy setup and storage


Helps you feel better by varying your working position


Approved by our ergonomic experts


Generous size of the keyboard platform

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Close up of the keyboard and mouse 'platform', showing how it can be removed or slotted into the frame

Slot in the platforms

Your laptop goes on the smaller platform near the top and your keyboard and mouse go on the larger platform lower down.

Easy to store

Fold up your Standfriend when you’re not using it. Perfect for home workstations.

The Standfriend Sit-Stand Platform, shown within a home office environment
Lifestyle shot of the Standfriend Sit-Stand Platform, showing how you stand whilst working with a laptop, keyboard and mouse

Looks good in your home

Create a home office that you enjoy working in with this stylish product.

  • Helps you vary your working position easily
  • Use for standing to work
  • Also use for sitting to work – elevate your laptop screen for good posture
  • Intelligent design to find the right working height for you
  • Separate laminated wood platforms for your laptop and your keyboard
  • Reversible colour platforms
  • Generous keyboard platform size
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Looks stylish when in use
  • Looks stylish when stored hanging on a wall
  • Use in tandem with any existing desk or table
  • Designed and manufactured in Sweden
Dimensions (W x D x H):
600 x 495 x 680 mm
Maximum screen size:
Maximum load:
10 kg (22 lb)
6.5 kg
2 years
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