Posture support buying guide

Back cushions, lumbar rolls and wedges can be simple and inexpensive 'quick wins' to improve your sitting comfort.

Posture supports are more than 'cushions'. The shape, angle and firmness of each posture support has been carefully designed to make small but important differences to your support and sitting position. Therefore they can be an invaluable help to you if you're suffering pain, discomfort or limited movement in your back, hips and other areas.

Posture supports can play a part in supporting treatment you're receiving. Your physiotherapist or other health professional may recommend which posture support would be most beneficial to you - or read on for more information.

Which different posture supports are available?

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Wedges to sit on

11 degree wedge icon

Posturite 11 Degree Wedge

Tilting your pelvis, hips and legs down just a small amount when sitting can make a surprising difference to your posture and comfort, especially if you are experiencing lower back pain or other pain. This wedge helps you to do this and so helps you better position your pelvis, knees, hips and spine to more easily adopt a natural position.

Slimline wedge icon

Posturite Slimline Wedge

This wedge gives a smaller tilt angle than the 11 Degree Wedge. It improves the alignment of your body in a similar way to help to reduce aches and pains. It is useful when the 11 Degree Wedge is too high; for example in some cars, or if the angle is more than is needed for your situation.

Coccyx cut-out wedge icon

Posturite Coccyx Wedge

Your coccyx is at the bottom of your spine and is commonly known as your 'tailbone.' This Coccyx Wedge works in the same way as the other wedges - helping to better position your pelvis and hips but it also provides a 'U' shaped hole under where your coccyx is located. This reduces the direct pressure on your coccyx, providing relief if your coccyx is injured or bruised.

Image showing a coccyx cut-out wedge from Postruite Shop Now
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Back supports to sit against

Posturite Lumbar Roll icon

Posturite Lumbar Roll

The lumbar region is in your lower back and there are two differently shaped padded supports available which you can place to support the inward curve of your lumbar spine, helping to manage your back pain. Some physiotherapists call the traditional cylinder-shaped roll a 'McKenzie Roll' as Robin McKenzie used this type of support in his McKenzie method or mechanical diagnosis and therapy (MDT) treatment for back pain.

Posturite Winged Lumbar Roll icon

Posturite Winged Lumbar Roll

This is a foam flat-fronted lumbar roll with a wing on each end which provides lateral and lower back support. The lateral wings provide you with side support and help you to feel more supported and stable while you're sitting down.

Posturite Back Support icon

Posturite Back Support

This back support cushion is particularly suited to soft seating areas which often have deep surfaces preventing you getting support from the backrest. Prop it up behind you when you're sitting on the sofa to help achieve a comfortable posture. Its curved shape gives good lateral and lumbar support to help ease backache.

Image showing a man suffering with back pain while working from home Shop Now
Posturite Curve icon

Posturite Curve

This portable posture support with a slim depth is a tried and tested way to take back support with you, around the home, in the car and when you are out and about. It has a gentle curved shape to provide back support, improving your comfort wherever you sit.

Inflatable Lumbar Support icon

Inflatable Lumbar Support

This adjustable support is inflatable with a pump, enabling you to alter the amount of support you have for your lower back in different situations.

Where are the posture supports designed to be used?

There are supports ideal to be used:

On a car seat icon

On a car seat

On a dining chair icon

On a dining chair

On an armchair or sofa icon

On an armchair or sofa

See each product description and its photos to check recommended uses.

Working from home? Best to invest in a good ergonomic chair for long-term use instead.

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Which practical features should you look for in your posture support?

  • Removeable covers that can be washed
  • Suitable firmness for your needs
  • High-quality materials
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Straps to attach to the chair (on certain models)

Posture support cushion reviews

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"Extremely comfortable and has made a huge difference when sitting at a desk all day"
Mary, reviewing the Posturite Slimline Wedge.

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"I had a spinal stenosis operation this year and this cushion has helped me greatly to sit with support to my back."
Thomas, reviewing the Posturite Back Support.

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"Essential item for those needing relief in this area, well designed and hard wearing. Comfortable to sit on, provides great support."
Debs, reviewing the Posturite Coccyx Cut-out Wedge.

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"I have been getting these supports for over twenty years. They are good for my back and I have them for my office chair, in my car and in my husband's car."
Jean, reviewing the Posturite Curve.

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