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Posturite Lumbar Roll

Posturite Lumbar Roll
66 reviews
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A classic Mckenzie Roll-inspired cushioned lumbar roll to provide support and help manage back pain. more info
Now £23.94 £19.95
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Achieving good posture takes practice. When sitting - especially for long periods, it's important that your lower back has adequate support to reduce the risk of strain and back pain. The Posturite Lumbar Roll can provide comfortable, padded support in the S-shaped inward curve of your lower back.

The soft, plush velour cover can be removed and washed for easy upkeep. Take your Posturite Lumbar Roll anywhere - your office, your home, or your car seat. It's lightweight and compact enough to slip into a bag, and can easily be secured to any chair back with the strong elastic strap it comes with.

Choose between the circular and D-shaped lumbar roll. The D-shape is excellent for general use: the flat side fits against the surface of your chair back while the curved part provides support for your lower back. The circular shape protrudes further and is recommended for those with a pronounced lordosis (where you have an excessive inward curve of the spine).

Close up of the D-shape lumbar roll on an ergonomic chair

Lightweight and easy to carry

Versatile and portable, simply secure with the elastic strap.

The D-shape and circular lumbar rolls shown on a car seat

Choice of D and circular shape

Most people require a D-shape roll unless there is excessive curvature of the spine.

Plush, hard-wearing and washable

High quality foam and cover materials for excellent function and upkeep.

The D-shape lumbar roll shown on a car seat

Suitable for home, office or car

Add it to your existing chair.

Side image of a lumbar roll strapped to an ergonomic chair

Reasons to buy


Ergonomically designed lumbar support


Classic Mckenzie Roll-inspired accessory


Provides additional lumbar comfort


Can reduce risk of strain and back pain


Specific sizing in D roll for different types of use


Adjustable securing strap to ensure effective positioning

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  • Roll provides comfortable support to maintain the inward curve of the lumbar spine
  • Height adjustable elastic securing strap to suit different user back dimensions
  • Plush hard wearing, washable velour cover
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • D-shape roll available in 4" and 5" - suitable for most users
  • Circular-shape roll available in 4" only - best suited to users with a pronounced lordosis
Dimensions (W x H x D):
4" d-shape: 270 x 105 x 50 mm
5" d-shape: 270 x 130 x 50 mm
4" circular shape: 275 x 100 x 100 mm
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