white desks

A white desk helps give your working space a homely look

Choose a stylish white desk to fit in well with all your furniture at home. At Posturite we’re experts in ergonomic home office furniture and you’ll find an ergonomic white desk at just the right size for a small or large working space.

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  1. JOSHO Homeworker Electric Sit-Stand Desk - lifestyle shot - white desk and frame, side angle view, showing seated position
    JOSHO Homeworker White Electric Sit-Stand Desk
    From £599.94 £499.95
  2. Portable Height Adjustable Desk - lifestyle shot
    Portable Height Adjustable Desk v2
    £260.34 £216.95
  3. Smart Slot Sit-Stand Homeworking Desk - angle view
    Smart Slot Sit-Stand Homeworking Desk
    From £580.74 £483.95
  4. Opløft Sit-Stand Platform - lifestyle, in use
    Opløft Sit-Stand Platform
    From £407.94 £339.95
  5. VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 36 - Dual Monitor - Black - lifestyle shot, showing raised
    VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 36 - Dual Monitor
    From £400.00 £333.33
  6. DeskRite 100 Sit-Stand Platform - lifestyle shot
    DeskRite 100 White Sit-Stand Platform
    From £400.74 £333.95
  7. Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation - White - lifestyle shot
    Lotus™ White Sit-Stand Workstation
    £429.28 £357.73
  8. Positiv Homeworker Desk (Screw In Legs) - lifestyle shot
    Positiv White Homeworker Desk with Screw In Legs
    £262.74 £218.95
  9. Positiv Homeworker Desk (Foldaway Legs) - lifestyle shot of white desk with white legs
    Positiv White Homeworker Desk with Foldaway Legs
    £410.34 £341.95

9 Items

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Does Posturite sell white desks?

Yes, we offer a variety of white computer desks suitable for different needs, including sit-stand desks, standing desks and fixed height desks. Our range of white desks are designed to fit well in both small and large workspaces, providing ergonomic benefits and promoting comfort.

Does a white desk look good in a home office?

Definitely! A white desk can look great in a home office, offering a clean and modern look that can brighten the space and make it feel more open and airy. White desks can blend well with various decors, providing a neutral base that gives you more flexibility in designing the rest of the room.

What sizes of white desks are available?

We offer white desks in a variety of sizes for different space requirements and personal preferences. Find out about recommended desk sizes in our Desk Buying Guide. Our desk range includes small white desk options for compact spaces, as well as larger desks suitable for spacious home offices. The variety we have on offer means you can find a desk at Posturite that not only fits your space but also meets your functional needs.

Can you get electric white standing desks?

Yes, we do offer electric standing desks in white, as well as white manual sit-stand platforms. Take a look at our electric JOSHO Homeworker Sit-Stand Desk, or our Opløft, DeskRite and Lotus™ sit-stand platforms with manual adjustment.

These desks are designed to provide ergonomic benefits with the convenience of height adjustment, making it easy to switch between sitting and standing positions. The white JOSHO Homeworker desk also offers the convenience of electric adjustment for ultimate ease of use. It’s ideal for those looking to enhance their workspace with a good quality and stylish white desk.

What other furniture will go with a white desk?

White desks pair well with various types of furniture to create a cohesive look in either the home or office. Add an ergonomic chair to your setup, which can complement the clean lines of the desk and are available in a range of complementary colours. Storage solutions like white filing cabinets or bookshelves also go well, for a bright and modern look. Adding pops of colour through office accessories or artwork around your workspace can also create a personalised and inspiring home office space for you throughout the day.