Laptop stand buying guide

How to find the right laptop stand to use in your home office and workplace.

By using a laptop stand to elevate your screen, you can instantly improve your posture and positioning while using your laptop.

The good news is that choosing a laptop stand is a great deal easier than choosing a laptop!

Why is a laptop stand needed?

Why is a laptop stand needed?

A laptop stand positions your laptop screen at a more suitable viewing height. This helps prevent you hunching and looking down at your screen, which might cause back pain, neck pain and other musculoskeletal issues.

Will I need other equipment to use alongside the laptop stand?

Will I need other equipment to use alongside the laptop stand?

Yes, you'll need a separate keyboard and mouse, as the laptop stand will position your laptop keyboard and touchpad too high or at an angle.

What are the different types of laptop stands?

Materials icon

Laptop stands vary by the material they're made from – common materials are metal, plastic or a combination of wood and metal.

Height adjustable icon

The majority of laptop stands are height-adjustable. Check how many different settings are on offer for adjustments and that you can adjust the angle to suit you.

Ergonomic icon

Buy a laptop stand from a specialist ergonomic shop, to be sure the design and functionality are ergonomic.

Thin adhesive icon

A very slim laptop stand which affixes to the back of your laptop using adhesive strips is also available from Posturite.

Fold flat icon

Many laptop stands can fold flat, for easy portability.

Set up icon

All laptop stands from Posturite can be set up in seconds.

Size icon

Check which size of laptop can be used with your stand, as this varies a little. It should be written in the specifications.

Tablets & phone icon

You can also find stands which are ideal for positioning tablets and phones too.

For many portable laptop stands, your laptop will sit on a little platform at the front, and the ‘legs’ of the stand open out to form an upside-down ‘V’ shape at the back. The stand should be designed to be stable and sturdy, so pick the design which you like from the range, and read the reviews!

Read on for price, weight and sustainability considerations...

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What’s most important to you when choosing your new laptop stand?

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Laptop stand price

Many laptop stands tend to range in cost from roughly £30 to £150, and discounts are available when subscribing to emails and more.

You can find low-cost laptop stands to enjoy ergonomic working for less than £40 if budget is tight. Use the ‘Price: Low to High’ filter in Posturite’s range.

The best quality laptop stands have been made from superior materials and boast clever design features. Take a look at the mid-priced Ergo-Q 160 Laptop Stand and the Vision Laptop/Tablet Stand.

Weight & portability icon

Laptop stand weight and portability

With the popularity of hybrid working, the weight of your laptop stand could be a very important factor in your purchasing decision, if you need to carry it in your bag to and from work.

The weight of laptop stands varies widely, from 89 grams to 800 grams! There are fantastic lightweight options available. Always check the spec if portability is important to you.

The lightest weight laptop stands include the UltraStand Universal Laptop Stand from Bakker Elkhuizen at only 89 grams and the Cricket Laptop/Tablet Stand at only 177 grams.

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Laptop stand design

Posturite hunt out the best product designs from all over the world, and you can find the laptop stand which works best aesthetically for your setup and style. A bestseller is the Slim Cool Laptop Stand because it works brilliantly and looks good. It has six angle adjustments for the laptop screen height and folds flat to just 10mm. Pop it in your briefcase or laptop bag – it takes up very little space.

Great care and ingenuity has also gone into the design of the Ergo-Q Hybrid Pro Laptop/Tablet Stand too and it has 25 height adjustment levels. Note the magnetic closures, anti-slip feet, stable design and 75% recycled materials.

Reviews icon

Laptop stand reviews

Reviews are so handy when deciding on an addition to our home offices. Laptop stand reviews include:

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Eco-friendly icon

Eco-friendly laptop stands

Look for recycled materials in your laptop stand as well as recyclable components. For example, the Ergo-Q 160 Laptop Stand is 98% recyclable and is made from 75% recycled materials.

Buy from a British office equipment shop which holds the ISO 14001 certification for their Environmental Management System – Posturite has this high-level accreditation and it certifies responsible recycling, energy use, transport planning, materials reuse, waste segregation and renewable energy generation.

You can expect a well-designed metal laptop stand to last for years.

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Any questions about laptop stands?

The ergonomic product specialists at Posturite can answer your queries during office hours on our Live Chat!

Just click the green speech bubble for one-to-one help and support.

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