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Desk buying guide

Find the perfect desk for working from home – a key piece of home office kit to last for years.

Desk size

Many of us have smaller homes and need to make the best of the space we have for a desk – but want to be comfortable and not feel cramped.

You could choose a 1,000 mm width for your home office desk (a common choice), but go for 1,200 mm if you can, for extra comfort and an ergonomic setup. The very smallest home office desks tend to be 900 mm width – only go for this if you need to.

For your desk depth, 700 mm is suitable for many people and a 600 mm depth desk could be fine if you're a laptop user. If you have more space, an 800 mm depth desk is ideal.

Be sure to measure up your space to get the size of your new desk just right – and you could test out sitting at a friend's desk, measure it and check how it feels.

Desk portability

There are good desks available if you want to move around work furniture in your home at the end of a working day. People who work in a living room often find this handy! You could choose a portable desk on wheels, or you could buy a desk with legs that fold away.

Desk height and adjustability

It's an excellent idea to get a desk that's height-adjustable to help you position yourself just right and create an ergonomic workstation. Good sitting posture at a desk (with your forearms parallel to the desk for example) is vital for your comfort and to help you avoid aches and pains.

A height-adjustable desk is great because it enables you to stand to work too. Check out the latest research on the benefits of standing to work and sitting less.

Electric standing desks are very popular and the JOSHO moves up and down gently and quietly at the touch of a button to reach the perfect standing and then sitting height for you.

Another idea is to use an existing desk with a sit-stand platform on top. A stylish example is the Opløft which turns your ordinary desk into a standing desk.

If you prefer a fixed-height desk, take a look at the Positiv Homeworker Desk with Screw-In Legs and the Positiv Homeworker Desk with Foldaway Legs.

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Desk quality and durability

Buy your new desk from a retailer with a reputation for quality and check out their environmental credentials too. Posturite holds the ISO 14001 certification for our Environmental Management System after being evaluated for our responsible energy use, recycling, transport, materials reuse and waste segregation. Wood material in a new desk should ideally be FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Check how long the warranty of your new desk will be. The JOSHO desk from Posturite has a useful 5-year warranty.

Hate self-assembly? Choose the Delivery, installation, set up and support option for your desk at the Posturite checkout.

Desk aesthetics

Would a white desk or a black desk suit your home décor better? Black can be a practical and smart choice for a desk but some people feel white is more homely and blends in well with the colours and patterns of your walls and other furniture.

A design award finalist at Posturite was the sleek and minimalist Opløft Sit-Stand Platform at the Danish Design Awards and it won top spot at the Ergo Expo too. "It features a chic, white surface with silver handles and an attractive matching circular Opløft logo" says Style & Décor blogger Sarah.

Desk prices

Some of the simpler desks start at around £260 and top of the range electric sit-stand height-adjustable desks are around £600.

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Desk reviews

Reviews are a good way to help you research buying a new desk. Here are recent Posturite desk reviews:

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"Easy to control at the touch of a button. Really helped me to improve my posture, and not being refined to a seated position when working for long hours."
Rachitha, reviewing the JOSHO Homeworker Electric Sit-Stand Desk.

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"Compact in terms of width and provides a decent amount of depth to allow you a good amount of surface area to work - perfect amount of space for 2 monitors."
Andrew, reviewing the Positiv Homeworker Desk (Screw In Legs).

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"Assembly is very quick and it's very light to move around. Nice and sturdy. Perfect size for my office."
Emmanuel, reviewing the Positiv Homeworker Desk (Foldaway Legs).

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"Perfect, just what I needed to be able to stand at my existing desk. Easy to install and use. Glides up and down easily and silently."
Elizabeth, reviewing the Opløft Sit-Stand Platform.

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