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Browse our range of ergonomic office, workstation and desk accessories, designed for comfort, however you work.

Improve your productivity, creativity and health while you work, with our selection of ergonomic accessories. Choose from ergonomic keyboards — including split keyboards, short keyboards, and wired or wireless keyboards. Reduce your risk of RSI with a comfortable ergonomic mouse that works for you, including wireless, vertical and left-handed mice. All of our ergonomic accessories are designed to ease you into a comfortable working position to prolong your productivity and keep you healthy while you work.

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  1. MultiRite Document Holder and Writing Slope - birdseye view
    MultiRite Document Holder & Writing Slope
    Was £201.54 £167.95 From £141.08 £117.57
  2. Posturite Clear Document Slope - Standard
    Posturite Clear Document Slope
    From £76.74 £63.95
  3. 50%OFF
    Posturite Clear Document Slope v2
    Posturite Clear Document Slope (v2) with Wrist Rest
    Now £39.58 £32.98 Was £79.14 £65.95
  4. I-Spire Series Document Lift - lifestyle shot
    I-Spire Series™ Document Lift
    From £32.45 £27.04
  5. DeskRite 100 Document Holder and Writing Slope - side view close up, showing document holder setup
    DeskRite 100 Document Holder & Writing Slope
    £49.14 £40.95
  6. 22%OFF
    Addit Bento® Ergonomic Toolbox 900 - lifestyle shot, showing use as a laptop stand
    Addit Bento® Ergonomic Toolbox 900
    Now £60.48 £50.40 Was £78.00 £65.00
  7. 60%OFF
    Mukava MK-75 Wall/Table Mount Reading Table - front view
    Mukava MK-75 Wall/Table Mount Reading Table
    Now £133.92 £111.60 Was £334.80 £279.00
  8. Oculamp Reading Lamp - lifestyle shot on work table
    Oculamp Reading Lamp
    From £100.00 £83.33
  9. Beurer TL20 Daylight SAD Lamp - front angle view in horizontal position, with light on
    Beurer TL20 Daylight SAD Lamp
    £57.54 £47.95
  10. UnoLamp Table - lifestyle shot, showing knitting
    Daylight Company UnoLamp Table
    £49.19 £40.99
  11. Lumi Task Lamp - lifestyle shot
    Daylight Company Lumi Task Lamp
    £131.99 £109.99
  12. Vista Laptop Arm Accessory
    Vista Laptop Arm Accessory
    £70.64 £58.87
  13. Professional Series™ Single Monitor Arm
    Vista Single Monitor Arm
    From £120.41 £100.34
  14. Opløft Single Monitor Arm - lifestyle shot, showing rear view
    Opløft Monitor Arms
    From £123.54 £102.95
  15. DeskRite 100 Single Monitor Arm - side view
    DeskRite 100 Monitor Arms
    From £103.14 £85.95
  16. Platinum Series™ Dual Monitor Arm
    Platinum Series™ Dual Monitor Arm
    £240.79 £200.66
  17. Lotus™ Single Monitor Arm Kit - lifestyle shot, shown with a Lotus™ sit-stand platform
    Lotus™ Single & Dual Monitor Arm Kits
    From £51.49 £42.91
  18. Vista Dual Monitor Arm - lifestyle shot
    Vista Dual Monitor Arm
    From £220.74 £183.95
  19. Seasa Freestanding Dual Stacking Monitor Arm
    Seasa Freestanding Dual Stacking Monitor Arm
    £86.96 £72.47
  20. Seasa Freestanding Dual Horizontal Monitor Arm
  21. Platinum Series™ Single Monitor Arm
    Platinum Series™ Single Monitor Arm
    £127.09 £105.91
  22. Platinum Series™ Dual Stacking Monitoring Arm
    Platinum Series™ Dual Stacking Monitor Arm
    £240.79 £200.66
  23. Flat Screen Monitor Posture Block - black block
    Flat Screen Monitor Posture Block
    From £16.74 £13.95
  24. Monitor Posture Block - Black
    PC Monitor Posture Block
    From £13.14 £10.95

Items 1-24 of 111

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What are ergonomic accessories?

Ergonomic accessories are custom-designed tools that help to improve your comfort and efficiency by ensuring your working environment supports natural posture and reduces strain on the body. They include items like monitor stands and risers, laptop stands, keyboards, mice and headsets that help align your body to minimise physical stress while you're working.

Take a look at our blog on office and desk accessories for more information about the best accessories to look out for and their wealth of benefits.

Are ergonomic desk and office accessories for everyone or only for people in pain?

Ergonomic accessories are beneficial for everyone, not just those experiencing pain! They're designed to support proper posture and enhance comfort, which can help prevent the onset of back, neck, shoulder and arm issues caused by poor posture, slouching and hunching over tables and desks. Whether you're pain-free or managing discomfort, using ergonomic accessories can help create a healthier environment and promotes long-term wellbeing.

Are ergonomic desk and office accessories just for people in offices?

Some ergonomic accessories can sometimes cost more than traditional office equipment due to their specialised design and the technology used to enhance comfort and prevent injury. However, investing in ergonomic accessories can be more cost-effective in the long run. By promoting better posture, reducing the risk of back, neck and shoulder strain, and increasing productivity, they can lead to fewer health issues and less time off work.

How should I set up my desk accessories?

Setting up your desktop and office accessories in the right way ergonomically is essential for maintaining your comfort and preventing strain during long hours of use. The positioning of your body is key. You're in the right place as at Posturite, we have a wealth of advice to help you!

  • Position your monitor at eye level and about an arm's length away to avoid neck strain.
  • Place your keyboard and mouse within easy reach so that your arms can rest comfortably at your sides.
  • Make sure that your chair supports your lower back and allows your feet to rest flat on the floor or on a footrest.
  • For a more detailed guide on arranging your desk ergonomically, read our helpful blog on tips for setting up your keyboard and mouse.

Can I get my ergonomic accessories delivered fast?

Yes, you can enjoy fast, free delivery by courier and a lead time of 2 working days. Your mouse, keyboard, laptop stand or headset will be with you quickly so you can get set and enjoy your products.