Headset buying guide

How to find a comfortable office headset for the most professional video conferencing and call making.

Did you know that an office headset is more ergonomic than a standard desk phone, as well as setting you up to make clear, private, hands-free calling?

This is because the majority of good headsets feature easy-access buttons for answering, hanging up, muting and volume and therefore eliminate risky reaching, twisting and prolonged gripping. Multitask with both hands free. Take notes, handle documents and work on your computer without having to juggle with a phone receiver.

What’s the difference between a headset and headphones?

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A headset has an attached boom-microphone for communication. Good for video and audio calls, and for listening to music and other audio files.

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Headphones often have an integrated microphone that is not attached or visible. Good for listening to music and other audio files.

How do I choose a headset type?

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Choose your noise cancellation preference

Many headsets come with noise-cancelling technology, ideal for busy environments.

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To block out noisy surroundings and truly immerse yourself in a call, try a binaural headset like the EPOS ADAPT 260 Bluetooth Stereo Headset. Ideal for hybrid working, it’s lightweight, portable and wireless, and has a double-sided headband for stereo sound. Two earpieces and one microphone is what you’ll get with a binaural headsets.

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Do you want to stay aware of your surroundings while you talk on the phone? So you can still hear what customers and colleagues – and family members at home! – are saying while you have the headset on? Then choose a monoaural headset with only one earpiece and microphone like the EPOS ADAPT 230 Bluetooth Mono Headset.

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Choose the style of ear covering

In ear

  • Easy and light to carry
  • Easy to wear

On ear

  • Best noise reduction
  • Best comfort

An ergonomic headset is one that is adjustable, comfortable and designed to boost your productivity and efficiency.

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Choose your connection

An important choice is between a wired or a wireless headset.

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Wireless headsets

Enjoy the freedom to roam while calling with a wireless headset like the Jabra Evolve2 65. Without cables, you'll be able to pace around your home or office to ramp up your activity levels while still working.

Most Bluetooth headsets at Posturite are wireless.

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Wired headsets

The cheaper option, wired headsets like the Plantronics Blackwire C3215 connect via USB to your computer or phone. They don't offer the same level of freedom as wireless headsets, but you can still enjoy comfortable hands-free calls with lower musculoskeletal risk.

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How much does an office headset cost?

Many good office headsets range in cost from roughly £80 to £330, depending on their features. Discounts are available at Posturite when you subscribe to emails.

You can expect the very best sound quality and conversation clarity with the headsets at the higher price range. Manufacturers do invest in the R&D of excellent microphones and audio quality, and this is reflected in the price.

On a budget? Wired headsets usually cost less than wireless headsets.

What else to look for in an office headset?

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Talk time

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Charging time

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Warranty length

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Headset reviews

Reviews can help you choose a good headset. Customer reviews for ergonomic headsets include:

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"Clear sound and good battery life. Makes working from home a lot better as I have the freedom to move about more because they are wireless."
Carly, reviewing the EPOS ADAPT 260 Bluetooth Stereo Headset & Dongle.

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"Comfortable headphones which have a quality-feel to them. Very happy with them."
Sean, reviewing the Jabra Evolve2 65 Bluetooth Headset.

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"Fab headset. Comfortable and audio is very clear. It also helps block out any background noise."
Leanne, reviewing the JPL 502S USB Noise-Cancelling Headset.

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"It is easy to adjust, both for fit, the placement of the microphone and volume. It is also lighter than some similar products, so can be more comfortable."
Emma, reviewing the Plantronics Blackwire C3215 Headset.


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