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Get comfort at your fingertips with a trackball mouse

A trackball mouse is a alternative to a traditional mouse, reducing unnecessary wrist movements that can cause discomfort and injury. Supporting the natural shape of the user's hand, trackball mice provide comfort for extended periods of use. The fingertip-based control provides fast, accurate cursor movements. Choose a cordless trackball mice for use with laptops or for smaller desk spaces.

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  1. Penclic Nicetouch T2 (Black) - with keyboard
    Penclic NiceTouch T2
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  2. Kensington Orbit® Optical Trackball Mouse - top angle view
    Kensington Orbit® Optical Trackball Mouse
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    Why buy a trackball mouse?

    Trackball mice are really comfortable to use and are widely known for being one of the most comfortable and accurate types of mouse - perfect for graphic design!

    A trackball mouse provides you with fingertip control of the mouse pointer allowing you to be more productive, and reduce unnecessary wrist movements that can cause discomfort and injury as they require far less wrist movement tan a standard mouse .

    Cordless trackball mice are also ideal for small desk spaces and for use with laptops.

    Trackball mice are a great ergonomic alternative to a standard mouse as they increase productivity, due to the precision of the trackball.

    How does a trackball mouse work?

    Trackball mice feature a small rubber-coated steel ball. When the mouse moves, the spinning of the ball causes electronic signals to transmit to the computer, where software interprets the signals as mouse movements.

    Is a trackball mouse better for carpal tunnel?

    If you suffer from carpal tunnel pain, a trackball mouse could help reduce unnecessary wrist movement that may lead to discomfort. Our trackball mice are designed ergonomically to fit the natural shape of your hand, and are suitable for prolonged use.