Sit-stand desk converter buying guide

Get help to choose a desk converter which moves your desk equipment up to your standing height and down to your sitting height.

"My sit-stand desk converter has made a huge difference to my everyday working experience. And I do actually feel like my posture is getting better!"

You've heard about the health, productivity and wellbeing benefits of sitting less while you're working. So let's set you up to stand for parts of your working day.

What's the difference between a sit-stand desk converter and a standing desk?

A sit-stand desk converter is placed on top of your ordinary desk or table whereas a standing desk (we call them 'sit-stand desks') is a standalone desk.

Both options give you a height-adjustable work surface and both are great to help you banish prolonged sitting. Many people find using one helps reduce back and neck pain. You're bringing more movement to how you work – and this can stimulate your mind and body.

How to choose the right sit-stand desk converter for you

What size of sit-stand desk converter do I need?

Before you buy a sit-stand desk converter, think through what you need to place on it. Do you need just a laptop, mouse, a monitor or multiple monitors and a keyboard? At Posturite there are models with differently sized desk surfaces and weight capacities for all these scenarios.

Do a quick measurement of your equipment and check the dimensions in the specifications section of the sit-stand desk converter you're interested in.

  • An Opløft has a surface size of 680 mm width x 600 mm depth for you to use. This is plenty big enough for a monitor or a laptop, a keyboard, a mouse and a drink.
  • A Deskrite 100 has a larger working surface at 890 mm width and a separate level for your keyboard and mouse.
  • If your desk is large enough and you'd like to place multiple monitors on it, there are several sit-stand desk converters at Posturite with larger dimensions such as a 915 mm width and the ability to attach a monitor arm too.
  • Have a narrow desk? The VariDesk® Cube Plus® 40 could be ideal for you.

What weight of equipment can I put on a sit-stand desk converter?

If you only need to place 10 kg or less of working equipment on your sit-stand desk converter, choose models such as the Standfriend or the VariDesk® Laptop 30™. You'll then also benefit from being able to move it between different rooms easily.

Several other models will support up to 15.8 kg, the Deskrite 100 supports up to 18 kg and the large and spacious VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 48 supports up to an impressive 20.4 kg.

A sit-stand desk converter can be used on any stable standard desk or table. Check that there won't be any overhanging cupboards above you that would get in the way.

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How do I move the sit-stand desk converter up and down?

It takes seconds to move a sit-stand desk converter from Posturite up to the height for standing to work and down again for sitting. You can leave your equipment on top meanwhile!


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On most sit-stand desk converters, you gently squeeze the side levers to move it up or down. It's an easy process with a model from Posturite as we only select the best-designed products:

  • The Opløft has a clever gas lift elevation system. And it glides up and down easily due to its lightweight structure.
  • Models such as the VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 36 Dual Monitor are also great as they have a spring-assisted lift.

The stylish Standfriend is a different design altogether as you slot the two wooden platforms into the height position of your choice on the metal frame.

How portable does my sit-stand desk converter need to be?

Would you like to move your sit-stand desk converter from room to room, and maybe tuck it away altogether in your home when you're not working? We'd recommend the VariDesk® Laptop 30™ or the Standfriend. The slimline Opløft folds flat to just 30 mm.

Which designs and colours of sit-stand desk converter can I choose from?

Black and white are the most popular colours for sit-stand desk converters and we have models at Posturite available in either colour. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes and designs:

  • Some are two-tiered designs with an upper deck for monitors and accessories and a lower deck (often that slide out) for your keyboard and mouse.
  • There are models designed especially for corner desks.
  • You'll also find sit-stand desk converters especially designed for using with 2 or even 3 monitors.
  • If you love Scandinavian design, choose the design-award-winning Opløft. You can get a matching Opløft monitor arm and cable tidy if you like.

How much does a sit-stand desk converter cost?

There's lots of choice around the £400* level. A smaller entry-level sit-stand desk converter costs less than £200*.

*2023 prices.

How many height settings will I need my sit-stand desk converter to have?

It's useful to have multiple height settings for you to choose from – the average would be 9. The Deskrite 100 actually boasts 40!

If you're tall with a height of 6'1" or over, you may be best to choose a sit-stand desk converter specifically designed for taller users such as the VariDesk® Tall 40.

Is a new sit-stand desk converter easy to assemble?

Yes, most are very simple and in fact many sit-stand desk converters from Posturite come fully assembled and ready to go!

Sit-stand desk converter reviews

Hear what customers say about some of the best sit-stand desk converters on the market:

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"It's so useful, it's lightweight and easy to put up and down. There's enough space for a big desktop monitor, keyboard, mouse and a laptop."
Victoria, reviewing the Opløft.

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"I contacted Posturite to recommend a sit-stand platform for home use that is small in footprint. When the platform arrived it fitted my desk perfectly."
Michael, reviewing the DeskRite 100.

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"This is so easy to use (squeeze the handle on either side and up it goes). It feels very stable when raised, even with 2 monitors, and it does not move about on the desk either."
Jennifer, reviewing the VariDesk® Pro Plus™ 36 - Dual Monitor.

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