Improving our posture: should we try to sit up straight?

“Good posture means working to our body’s balance and strengths” says Katharine Metters, Lead Consultant in Ergonomics at Posturite.

This new infographic from the wellbeing team at Posturite explores what posture is, how taking care of our posture can help us to avoid pain, and how we can feel more confident, happier and more active if we avoid slouching and hunching.

“Your back isn’t straight – it has curves to it” says Katharine. “And ‘sitting up straight’ generally sounds like hard work. We don’t want you to be working hard at your posture! Let’s let the equipment do the work and take the strain. I’d encourage you to move frequently when you stand and sit too, because moving is a very important aspect of looking after your back.”

Take a look at the posture infographic to pick up some tips…

Click here to download our 'Pick up posture tips from a Physiotherapist and Ergonomist' infographic