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Why I’m upgrading to a better office chair

My new Homeworker Plus ergonomic office chair

As a freelance writer, I spend a lot of time working at home on my laptop. But because I don’t have the luxury of my own office, I tend to flit between the kitchen table and bedroom to try and find a comfortable position.

Admittedly, my posture is terrible (I blame having to lift and carry two kids, and the fact I’m 6ft) so you’ll often find me hunched over my laptop. Then I’ll wonder why my shoulders and back are so achy.

I bought my daughter a desk for her bedroom so she has a place to do her homework and crafts. But recently, I’ve been sneaking in there to use it while she’s at school. The hard, metal foldaway chair she uses was doing nothing for my back, though.

Having worked in an office for most of my career, I took for granted the equipment that was available to help make my working position more comfortable. One call to the Facilities team and they’d be on hand with everything I needed.

Now I’m self-employed and working from home, it’s my responsibility to ensure I have the necessary equipment to work comfortably. And, I have to admit, I’ve not been very good at checking my posture and listening to my body.

The benefits of an ergonomic chair

I decided to get a comfortable desk chair for working from home. I’m by no means an ergonomics expert, but my experience of working for a health and safety company taught me that ergonomic chairs can help resolve aches and pains, and even prevent musculoskeletal issues (providing you use them correctly, of course).

Even though I know the best position for sitting at a desk, I still find bad habits creeping in like slouching in the chair and not keeping my feet flat on the floor.

I looked at Posturite’s range of home office chairs on their website and, after speaking to Product Specialist Gareth on Live Chat about the difference between the Homeworker and the Homeworker Plus chairs, I ordered the Homeworker Plus Ergonomic Chair.

Looking at the Homeworker Plus chair features

Although it’s slightly more expensive, the Plus has extra adjustments such as:

  • Seat angle
  • Seat depth
  • Inflatable lumbar support

I knew these were exactly what I needed.

If you’re in a quandary about which ergonomic office chair to opt for, drop the Posturite Live Chat team a message – they’re really helpful and friendly.

Features and benefits of the Homeworker Plus ergonomic chair

Enjoying my new ergonomic chair for working from home

I adjusted the height of the chair so my hips were slightly above my knees with my feet flat on the floor.

To get into a comfortable position for working, I also adjusted the depth of the chair to leave just enough room between me and the desk. Next I adjusted the armrests so they were at the right height for me to use my laptop.

I found out that the seat could be tilted and by allowing myself to tilt back in the chair slightly, I can have a bit of a stretch even when I’m sitting down, and avoid my limbs seizing up, which has happened before if I stay in one position for too long. The back of the chair can also be locked in place to prevent tilting if you prefer.

The best feature, and the reason I chose this particular chair, is the inflatable lumbar support (pictured below), which comes ready to use. I could really notice the support it gave to my lower back.

Making adjustments to the ergonomic chair using the levers

Video chair set up guide

I used this video to learn about all the chair adjustments on the Homeworker Plus chair - it's great for showing you all the chair features in action:

The ‘new chair smell’

It’s hard to find any negatives to the Homeworker Plus chair. Since it arrived, I’ve really noticed a difference in my posture when I’m working and I’m suffering fewer aches and pains.

However, my daughter was quick to point out she doesn’t like the smell of the new chair! I guess it’s like the ‘new car smell’ you get when you buy a new set of wheels.

I can’t say I’ve really noticed a strong smell from the chair, but her nose is a lot more sensitive than mine. At least it’s on wheels so it’s easy to wheel in and out of her room when I need to!

Take a look at the entire collection of home office chairs from Posturite.