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The go-to choice for most computer owners over the decades

Our standard optical mice come in a variety of forms, from compact models designed to be plugged into a laptop on-the-go, to clever contoured shapes that offer better support for greater comfort.

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  1. HandshoeMouse Shift - front view lifestyle shot
    HandshoeMouse Shift
    From £152.34 £126.95
  2. Silver Storm Black Medical Grade Scroll Mouse
  3. V7 MV3000 USB Wired Mouse - Black - side angle view
    V7 MV3000 USB Wired Mouse - Black
    £8.39 £6.99
  4. Logitech M171 Wireless Mouse - birdseye view
    Logitech M171 Wireless Mouse
    £19.19 £15.99
  5. V7 Standard USB Optical Mouse - Black
    V7 Standard USB Optical Mouse - Black
    £9.59 £7.99
  6. V7 MW100-1E Wireless USB Mouse - birdseye view
    V7 MW100-1E Wireless USB Mouse - Black
    £14.28 £11.90
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    Humanscale x Razer™ Pro Click Mouse - lifestyle shot
    Humanscale x Razer™ Pro Click Mouse
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  8. Silver Storm White Scroll Mouse - Medical Grade Waterproof Antimicrobial

8 Items

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How does an optical mouse work?

Optical mice use a small camera in conjunction with an infrared or red LED light to view and track its location. Essentially, they bounce light from the work surface, and then capture and map the reflection data. Optical mice typically have lower sensitivity than laser mice, which allows for accurate moving without any jittering.

What is the difference between a ball mouse and an optical mouse?

While a ball mouse uses a trackball to monitor its location, an optical mouse uses a sensor. There are different reasons to choose each of these mice. If you are looking for increased precision and accuracy, an optical mouse could be a great choice. Alternatively, if you need a comfortable mouse that will help you reduce unnecessary wrist movements, a trackball mouse could be the way forward.

Do optical mice need mousepads?

Optical mice will function on most work surfaces without the need for a mouse pad. However, optical mice can struggle with surfaces that are particularly reflective. So, if your workstation or desk is made of glass or another reflective material, you may find a mousepad useful.