HandshoeMouse Shift

HandshoeMouse Shift
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The ergonomic ambidextrous mouse with a choice of sizes to suit your hand size. more info
Now £152.34 £126.95
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Whether you're left or right-handed, the clever design of the HandshoeMouse Shift ergonomic mouse could lead to the most comfortable working you’ve ever experienced. Your hand can rest continuously on the mouse body, without friction between your desk surface and the skin of your hand. It also features enhanced thumb joint support.

The 'Handshoe' is so called because the mouse fits your hand snugly like a shoe fits your foot! Choose small, medium or large, using our size guide below. It’s vital that you get a correct fit, so do always measure your hand before ordering.

This is a mouse with Bluetooth connection for ease and convenience. Suitable for use with both Mac and Windows.

Designed by Dutch specialists in ergonomic mice design, the HandshoeMouse innovators vigorously tested and developed this mouse with aims including helping people suffering from RSI or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (a condition affecting the hand and forearm). Many reviews reveal positive results.

Lifestyle image of the HandshoeMouse Shift, shown on a desk next to a laptop

Ambidextrous mouse

Ideal for both left and right-hand mouse users.

Lifestyle image of the HandshoeMouse Shift, shown on an office desk

Ergonomic design

Developed by scientists, looking in detail at hand movements.

Contemporary look

Beautiful product design and advanced technology.

Front view of the HandshoeMouse Shift

Choice of 3 sizes

Get the perfect fit for your hand and work in comfort.

Various images of the HandshoeMouse Shift, showing it with and without a hand placed on it

Reasons to buy


Approved by ergonomists


Science-based product development


Designed in the Netherlands by ergonomic mice experts


Wireless connection


Available in small, medium and large


3 year warranty

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  • For left and right-handed use – switch easily
  • Enhanced thumb joint support
  • Easy Bluetooth connection
  • To select the right size of the mouse for your hand size, measure the distance from your wrist up to the tip of your ring finger on the inside of your outstretched hand
    • If the length is around 170 mm – choose Small
    • If the length is around 190 mm – choose Medium
    • If the length is around 210 mm – choose Large
  • Wireless Bluetooth, with cable option
Mac and Windows
1000 DPI
Poll rate:
113~118Hz and up to 120Hz
Cable operation is also possible, using the USB C to USB A Cable
Operating time:
Approx 4-6 weeks
Rechargeable battery
Via the supplied USB cable
Charging time:
Approx 3-6 hours
3 years
Supporting Documentation