Tips and tricks for enjoying your standing desk

A standing desk is a popular piece of kit in home offices right now, and this sit-stand style of working can be an absolute game-changer for increasing your movement throughout the course of a work day. A sit-stand desk gives you the chance to vary your posture between sitting and standing easily and quickly – your computer and all your office equipment rise up and lower down swiftly on the desk whenever you choose.

The video below answers your questions on:

  • How long to stand to work for? (Remember – the reason why ‘sit-stand desk’ is a better name than ‘standing desk’ is that you’re supposed to swap between the two positions regularly!)
  • What height should you choose, and what should your posture look like when you’re standing to work?
  • How can you make it easy to get the correct desk heights every time?
  • Does it matter if you wear shoes, slippers or have bare feet when you use a standing desk?

So it’s over to one of Posturite’s Ergonomic Product Specialists, Vikki Greer, and her tips and tricks in this quick video on sit-stand working:

By the way, here are the anti-fatigue mats which Vikki mentions in her video. These mats are great for adding extra cushioning under your feet when you’re standing up to work.

Enjoy a new working lifestyle with your sit-stand desk or sit-stand desk converter. Don’t overdo the standing - because standing for long periods of time is just as unhealthy as sitting for long periods of time because you're not varying your posture.

Ask the ergonomic desk specialists at Posturite your own questions completely free here on the Posturite website – just start a Live Chat.

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