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Meet Opløft, the sit-stand platform that fits into your life

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showing the underneath of oploft platform
Exceptional engineering
female carrying oploft to desk
Lightweight and easy to move
female standing using laptop on top of oploft
Multiple height settings
to suit all users
female using oploft in a garden
Fits any environment
close up of oploft showing slim profile
Slim profile, contemporary design

Free yourself from sedentary behaviour

Finally, a desk made for modern life. We’re going faster and further than ever before, so why should we be stuck in our seats? Opløft is half the weight of its rivals and perfectly proportioned to be moved between any surface anywhere. The Opløft philosophy is to be free and agile: change postures, change environments and be prepared to adapt to the tasks you’re carrying out.

oploft up and down shot side by side
Good Design Award
ErgoExpo Attendees' Choice Award
Tommorrow's Health & Safety Finalist

Freedom to sit or stand

Opløft is a revelation in sit-stand desk design. It’s our most portable model yet, beautifully slim and light without compromising on quality or stability. It’s taken many months of reengineering and perfecting to take it from its kickstarter prototype to what it is today: a thing of beauty, and a gateway to a whole new mode of working.

Fits any environment, beautifully

Opløft stays true to its Scandinavian heritage. That means purity, simplicity and minimalism - intelligent engineering concealed within a seamless framework. The result is a sit-stand platform that fits any environment, from a hot-desk in an office, to your dining room table at home.

Exceptional engineering

The simple cross-structure frame gives Opløft the edge over other models on the market. While giving the platform a simplistic, stylish aesthetic, the cross-structure is also designed to reinforce the strength of the desk, and save space by collapsing into its own footprint.

Opløft boosts mood and productivity

We teamed up with brain scientists at University College London to find out how sit-stand desk use affected the cognitive functioning of typically sedentary office workers. The results were conclusive, showing that Opløft use can improve:

Decision-making skills

Decision-making skills

Concentration and vigilance

Concentration and vigilance





Verbal fluency

Verbal fluency

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“Opløft provided an extremely positive contrast to my usual working environment, where I spend most of the day seated in a very confined space. I loved having the option to stand up to work whenever and wherever I chose, and to stretch my arms and legs and create a much more dynamic workspace. It certainly made me feel more alert and energised.”

Opløft trialist

Easy to set up and store away

In its flat position, Opløft is just 30 mm thick and weighs 12 kg, making it possible to carry between hot-desks, store neatly away, or pop in your car when you leave the office to work from home.

Spacious, sturdy and ergonomic

Opløft’s sleek surface top has plenty of space for your equipment, whether you use a stand-alone monitor, or a laptop. We’ve made sure that there is enough space to arrange your mouse and keyboard in ergonomic positions for optimal comfort to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. The cross-structure design guarantees stability, and you can even lean on Opløft without tipping it over.

Reach your true potential

With Opløft, you have greater freedom to move without compromising your work. In fact, being physically active and having the choice about where and how to work may even boost your productivity levels. You are no longer limited to the space around your desk. You can move - you can stimulate your mind and body and be inspired to perform to your true potential.

Opløft monitor support

Using a separate monitor with Opløft? The small logo disc at the back of the Opløft surface reveals support for a monitor arm. You can choose from two types of monitor arm designed especially to fit Opløft. Both allow you to position your screen to the perfect height and adjust the tilt and angle to find the most comfortable viewing angle for you.

Opløft rack

If you're buying more than one Opløft for an office, add our specially-designed storage rack using the drop-down menu below. The Opløft Storage Rack securely holds up to five platforms for neat and easily-accessible storage.

Opløft cable management

Add a simple cable tidy to your set up. It secures to your Opløft to keep your wires together and prevent risky and unsightly tangling.

"We wanted to create something that waasn't just functional, but portable and attractive too. For centuries we have gone to work. Now, thanks to portable technology and the Internet, work goes with us. Opløft is a product of this concept. It is the first sit-stand platform designed especially for agile workers."

Ian Fletcher-Price
CEO, Posturite

A guide to sitting, standing and moving

The key to greater workplace health and productivity is finding the perfect balance between moving, standing and sitting. Break your day into 30 minute chunks. According to ‘Hedge’s 3s ideal work pattern’ developed by Cornell University, each chunk should look a bit like this…

work pattern chart
20 minutes sitting
8 minutes standing
20 minutes moving or stretching

Technical data

oploft technical data

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Meet the designers

Oploft Designers

Opløft is the result of a collaboration between Posturite product designers and Lolle & Nielsen, a small design and engineering team from Copenhagen.


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