Throna K24 24hr Professional Chair

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£1,250.40 £1,042.00
Enjoy 24-hour comfort in control rooms, call centres and power plants with the Italian-designed Throna. read more
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Reasons to Buy

The Throna K24 24hr Professional Chair is a supremely comfortable armchair-style ergonomic task chair specifically designed for control room environments where operators are required to alternate shifts without interruptions 24-hours a day. The frame is inspired by seat designs used in the automotive industry, offering a high level of comfort and support in addition to several adjustment options to help users find the perfect ergonomic positioning.

Users will be able to fine-tune the seat tilt, depth and height, arm angle, back tilt, lumbar support and headrest positioning. Throna's unparallelled build-quality supports users up to 200 kg.

There are job positions where operators alternate without interruptions, 24 hours a day. For locations such as airport control towers, emergency call centers, power plants, surveillance centers, Throna has developed armchairs with special characteristics to answer the needs of comfort, adaptability and endurance requested by these sensitive operations.

The Throna K24 24-Hour armchair is built considering structural and technical standards of the highest levels and guarantee an optimal function even during prolonged use.

All the components installed in these chairs offer comfort and an endurance superior to anything available in any standard office chair.

The model K24 from Throna, derived from the automotive industry, is the perfect answer to these needs and has passed the European tests EN1335 according to the BS 5459 Part 2, Ed. 2000 standards

  • Fold-away Polyurethane adjustable armrests (included)
  • Standard headrest (included)
  • Depth adjustable lumbar support mechanism
  • Backrest inclination mechanism
  • Reinforced and protected tilting mechanism
  • Tilting of the chair, with multiple locking positions (max 200 kg)
  • Seat slide as standard
  • Trademark that certifies suitability to a 24-hour use
  • Black (Nero) flame retardant fabric
Seat width:
540 mm
Seat depth:
510 mm
Seat depth from lumbar support on the backrest:
470 mm
Seat height:
440-530 mm
Backrest height:
650 mm
Backrest height with adjustable headrest:
790-830 mm
2 years
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