A productive year: Posturite in numbers 2023

What’s hot for wellbeing at work services and ergonomic kit right now? The people at Posturite have totted up the numbers and identified the trends in the bumper year that was 2023.

Posturite saw a 64% increase in the enablement assessments and disability awareness sessions booked, indicating a strong commitment by employers to make work and workplaces equal and productive. Demand for Neurodiverse Workplace Needs Assessments, One-to-One Workplace Strategy Sessions, ADHD Screening and more was strong.

As you can see in the infographic below and here as a PDF, Posturite built on their strong reputation for helpful Display Screen Equipment assessments delivered by knowledgeable and caring staff, and carried out an impressive 15,215 DSE workstation assessments in 2023; a 14% increase on 2022.

Comfortable new ergonomic chairs were sat on by over 50,000 customers too – now take a look at all the stats!

Posturite annual summary 2023