Assistive Technology and adjustments at work: event highlights

Here's a short video capturing Posturite's 2023 enablement seminar series ‘How do we enable every individual in our team?’. The event was a great opportunity to get together to discuss how we can improve diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace.

Posturite offers:

  • Enablement assessments
  • Enablement training and coaching
  • Assistive Technology products and Assistive Technology training

More information is here and contact the enablement team on email [email protected].

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The Posturite ‘How do we enable every individual in our team?’ events in March 2023 featured the following seminars:

The business case for Assistive Technology

The common-sense approach to engaging and delighting your clients and colleagues.

Speaker: Antony Ruck, CEO, Aventido

How Posturite are enabling employees

Our resident AT expert David discussed the Equality Act and reasonable adjustments in the workplace. He highlighted the services provided by the path of Enablement division, which focuses on supporting individuals with various conditions. Throughout his talk, David offered examples of Assistive Technology and services that have been successfully delivered by the team, from assessments to training.

Speaker: David Mitchell, Enablement Account Manager, Posturite Ltd

Accessibility 3.0 - Life.Subtitled

Building technology with a purpose to ensure everyone is heard. XRAI Glass showcased their brand new smart glasses which turn speech into subtitles using augmented reality software – all in real time.

Speaker: Mitchell Feldman, CMO, XRAI Glass

The right adjustments to focus on my strengths at work

Jamie shared his personal experience of being neurodivergent and how he is proud of getting the adjustments he needs to perform at his best as a Relationship Manager at digital company Jisc. His autism, dyslexia and ADHD are all part of who he is, and with the right adjustments he can focus on his strengths at work.

Speaker: Jamie Graham, Relationship Manager, Jisc


A demonstration of their dynamic mind mapping software.


A demonstration of CareScribe’s leading-edge software.