Computer keyboards you can clean in the dishwasher

We know from various studies that computer keyboards are breeding grounds for germs. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is making us all particularly aware of where we're putting our hands, it's crucial that we reduce the risk our keyboards pose.

Scientists found that the average computer keyboard harbours 20,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Rather disconcerting, considering how long we all spend tapping away on our keyboards between coughing, scratching our faces, shaking hands, taking toilet breaks and munching away on sandwiches and snacks. To prevent workplace colds and the spread of viruses like COVID-19, it's crucial to have a good hygiene strategy at work.

This should include regular hand washing, as well as:

  • using an antimicrobial keyboard (made with material that actively inhibits the growth of bacteria)
  • regular disinfecting and wiping down
  • using a dishwasher-proof keyboard

We know how quickly and easily viruses like COVID-19 can spread, not just through human to human contact or airborne particle inhalation, but by touching surfaces an infected person has touched or deposited saliva droplets on by speaking, coughing, or sneezing.

Dishwasher-proof keyboards have long been used in strict hygiene environments like clinics, surgeries and laboratories - but is now that time to bring them into the standard office environment too?

Here are some top benefits of dishwasher-proof keyboards:

  • Easy to pop in the dishwasher at the end of the day - no wiping required
  • Robust, sealed casing - designed to keep water out of the vital internal components
  • No nooks and crannies for germs or crumbs to nestle into
  • Absolute peace of mind for workstation sharers and hot-deskers
  • Perfect for sanitised environments

We stock both full-sized and mini dishwasher-proof keyboards. Here's a run-down of the products available, and what makes them special...

AccuMed Value Washable IP68 Medical Keyboard

Photograph of the AccuMed Value keyboard New to our website, AccuMed Value is an affordable, completely sealed white keyboard. The entire product is sealed with a silicone coating which keeps it safe from dust, water and chemicals. You can enjoy a full UK 105 key layout, including a number pad, with a tactile feel for comfortable, accurate, (hopefully) germ-free typing.

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Silver Seal Smart Card Reader Washable Keyboard

Photograph of the Silver Seal Smart Card Reader Washable Keyboard This super keyboard-card-reader-hybrid is dishwasher-proof and antimicrobial, giving it even more protection against germs. Enjoy full-travel IBM-style keys, which are laser etched to prevent fading from frequent washings.

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Clean Wipe Medical Grade Mini Keyboard Waterproof

Photograph of Clean Wipe Medical Grade Mini Keyboard Waterproof A stylish, slimline compact option that features a transparent, removable silicon cover which can be wiped clean. The connection cable can be completely removed for dishwashing – a simple rubber plug seals the keyboard and provides total protection from water incursion.

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Seal Touch Silicone All-In-One Keyboard with Touch Pad

Photograph of Seal Touch Silicone All-In-One Keyboard with Touch Pad

This slim line keyboard can be washed in the dishwasher and even disinfected with bleach. The gold plated USB connector along with the seal cap allows complete submersion in water for effective cleaning, this combined with the antimicrobial coating means that the Seal Shield keyboard is the perfect choice for reducing the risk of infection in the workplace.

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