Employee wellbeing: how to improve workplace productivity in the winter

Winter snowflakes

The winter is a complicated time for productivity. The days are darker and moods across the board are generally much lower. These affects have been known to greatly impact work life in a multitude of industries.

But, is there a way to boost employee wellbeing during these difficult times? It’s a question that many employers have asked, and one that thankfully has some potential answers.

If you’re an employer looking to help your workforce stay motivated and productive over the winter, keep reading as we list some tactics to boost productivity at work over these colder times.


Team building close up of hands all joined together

While the sun won’t be returning for a long time, that doesn’t mean that you can’t conduct some good old fashioned team building activities. The positive effects of team building are already well known, with its impact shown to greatly increase employee wellbeing and general willingness to work.

A beach day might be out of the question, but there’s nothing stopping you from hosting a workplace activity night that involves games, food and socialising. Activities such as these are also great for new employees; it gives them the chance to bond with new co-workers despite the winter lull.

Equipment upgrades

Birdseye view showing people working on laptops on a shared desk

To some, this tip might sound rather expensive. But remember, office equipment undergoes a fair amount of use during its lifetime. Office chairs with daily use, desks and furniture missing parts and outdated PC monitors are all pains that we deal with on a daily basis. So, why not give your entire workforce a gift this year with some new equipment?

This isn’t to say everything needs replacing, but maybe there are some essential pieces of equipment that just aren’t cutting it lately. Getting it upgraded not only boosts morale, but it heavily increases working speed thanks to the new kit.

Spread positivity

Happy and sad face balloons

As an employer, it’s important to lead by example at all times; so, this winter, it’s your responsibility to keep everyone’s spirits raised. One of the best ways of doing this of course is through encouraging positivity across the workplace.

Perhaps you could share a motivational quote once a week, or acknowledge employees for exceptional work with a morale-boosting internal newsletter. Whatever you do, make sure it’s infectious enough to spread across the whole company.

Holiday events

Close up of people clinking glasses together for a 'cheers'

There’s nothing quite like an office party. Seeing the people you work with on a daily basis outside of the workplace might sound odd to some, but to others, it’s a great chance to bond and connect with our colleagues after the working day.

Planning a special Christmas party is another great tactic for increasing workplace motivation. Crucially, it gives people something to look forward to. There’s no need to go overboard, even a meal at a nice restaurant would be enough to show your employees how much you care. Plus, it’s a great excuse to talk with people you don’t regularly see!

Bonus schemes

Golden coins and one hundred dollar bills

The winter is a particularly costly time of year; Black Friday and Christmas are just a couple of things that contribute to our bank accounts going dry. Why not lighten the load this year with a simple holiday bonus? Extra money is always welcomed, and after all, there would be no profits without workers.

So, give back this year with a little extra money in the bank.

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