The ergonomic laptop stand leading a double life

Carry case and laptop stand combined

Everybody loves a product that does more than one thing. Ever since some bright spark decided to put a camera on a mobile phone and a foldout mattress inside a sofa, we’ve hankered after multifunctional gadgets and accessories.

So in the world of ergonomic kit for office jobs, here’s a new laptop stand that’s also a carry case!

You can pop your laptop inside the new Breyta™ Laptop Carry Case to carry it to and from work (see photo above), and then use it as a laptop stand once you need to get down to business (see photo below).

Carry case becomes a laptop stand

As a hybrid working desk accessory, it ticks all the boxes. Features of this portable dual-purpose Laptop Carry Case include a shoulder strap, internal straps, and a lock. You can choose between a black or a white finish. It fits smaller-size laptops – up to 14”.

When I say it’s for ‘office’ jobs I of course include the jobs that we do from the corner of the bedroom at home, clad in comfy clothes and with a cat curled around our feet. This Laptop Carry Case is perfect to use in a home office as an ergonomic laptop stand – and out and about at meetings and site visits.

What’s a laptop stand for?

The point of a laptop stand (aka ‘laptop riser’) is to position your laptop screen at a height where you’re not looking down at your screen and hunching over. Pretty vital if you’re trying to avoid the dreaded bad back.

The Breyta™ Laptop Carry Case features five height adjustments to choose from, to encourage good ergonomic posture when using a laptop.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to use it with a separate keyboard and mouse, since your keyboard will now be at an unhelpful angle! But trust me, everyone who tries a laptop stand – including me – is a convert.

What else is in the Breyta™ range for ergonomic hybrid working?

White laptop stand

The good news is that the carry case is just one of a whole new range – and every Breyta™ item is made from 100% recyclable materials. If you’re after a laptop stand that doesn’t double as a bag, there’s a very affordable portable laptop stand on offer too, plus a superb foot support and a helpful monitor riser.

Let’s look at each of these in more detail:

1:  The Breyta™ Foot Support

Breyta ergonomic foot support

An ergonomic foot support is all about bringing you extra comfort while you work. The Breyta™ Foot Support encourages motion and supports your feet to enjoy good ergonomic posture throughout your day. To use it, place your foot support in front of your chair and adjust the chair height until you can firmly place your feet flat on the top of the support. The rocking movement and foot textures encourage movement - helping to improve circulation and reduce fatigue.

Foot supports from Posturite

2:  The Breyta™ Laptop Stand

Laptop stand

With a very small spend, this laptop stand will make working at a laptop so much more comfortable for the days and years ahead. The easy-to-carry foldable Breyta™ Laptop Stand is designed to reduce neck and eye strain when you’re spending hours in front of a laptop screen. You’ll get 12 adjustable height settings to help you find the most health-conscious and comfortable angle for your posture. Is your laptop up to 14 inches in size? Then this product is ideal for you, and there are more choices of laptop stands here.

3:  The Breyta™ Monitor Riser

Breyta monitor riser

Easy to set up, adjust and store, the new Breyta™ Monitor Riser is a beautifully simple addition to your workstation – at home or at HQ. Every ergonomist will tell you that it’s important to elevate your monitor to help relieve back, neck and eye strain. So here’s the monitor riser to help. Use it to adjust the monitor riser until the top of your monitor or monitors are roughly level with your eyes.

You can stand your mobile phone on the riser’s ledge at the front – to easily look out for that important call!

Put your mobile phone on the front ledge of this monitor riser

So all together, you have a handy collection of ergonomic accessories here that are portable and therefore perfect for working in the office, at home and on the go.

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