Use a computer? Remember your eye health

Explore a new infographic by the employee health and wellbeing team at Posturite which helps you look after your eyes at work.

Get top tips on eye health for screen users in the infographic below, and find out which Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations help us take care of our eye health.

Remember to take frequent breaks from the screen to help avoid tired eyes and headaches and find easy hacks for common problems including:

  • Leaning forward to read your screen
  • The light is not bright enough for reading your documents
  • There is glare and reflections on your screen

Check out the eye health tips for DSE users below, and get your PDF download of the eye health infographic here too.

Eye health for computer users infographic

Which DSE regulations help take care of your eyesight?

DSE (Display Screen Equipment) regulations aim to help reduce our risks from working with computer screens and other digital devices.

  • An employer must pay for an eyesight screening for a DSE user.
  • The text size on the screen should be comfortable to read, the screen clean, the characters clear, and the contrast and brightness suitable.
  • The image on the screen mustn’t flicker.
  • Our screen size should be large enough for the tasks we do – for example if we do work requiring fine attention to small details.
  • We should be able to swivel and tilt the screen.
  • We shouldn’t have glare and reflections on our screen.
  • Our lighting should be suitable to help us work comfortably and not too bright or too dim.
  • If we need glasses for DSE work only, then the employer should pay for these or contribute if we want something more than basic!
  • Taking your regular breaks away from screen work are also part of these regulations.

Consult the Posturite DSE Assessors for more advice!