Health and happiness at work: Posturite in numbers

2022 has seen Posturite continue its mission to help you find everything you need for a better experience at work. Are you hybrid working? Posturite equipment took pride of place in both home offices and shared offices this year - as well as in laboratories, control rooms, production hubs and more - and people saw the value of ergonomics in every work location. Take a look at the new infographic below.

30% more workstation assessments were delivered by the Posturite expert DSE assessors in 2022 than in 2021 – busy times! 54% of these were face to face DSE assessments on site and 46% of clients chose a remote DSE assessment delivered via video.

Posturite was proud to boost diversity, equity and inclusion at work in 2022 with a newly expanded portfolio of enablement services. With 2,327 enablement assessments and disability awareness sessions delivered, it's inspiring to help people with a neurodiversity or other disability gain equal opportunities at work and the chance to make unique and valuable contributions to their teams.

Right now you're on a website which 807,679 other people also visited in 2022! Let's check out all the numbers…

Posturite in Numbers 2022