HSE inspectors offer Zoom calls to check homeworker set-ups

According to an article published in The Telegraph on Monday 12 October, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is urging homeworkers who have not received equipment or set-up support from their employer, to get in touch.

Desk scene showing a laptop, lamp and glasses

Following government guidance, millions of computer-based staff are expected to work from home this winter. Even though they may not be in their usual workplaces, employers have the same duty of care for their staff. This means they should provide information and equipment to help staff work safely, reduce risks and avoid common workstation-related issues like back pain and RSI.

Unfortunately, many people have had no choice but to work at kitchen tables, on sofas or in other less than idea places around their homes. However, even without access to a full office or workstation, it is possible to improve working habits and positions with equipment such as laptop stands, adjustable home office chairs and frequent moving breaks.

Sarah Newton, the new chairman of the HSE told the paper: "...if an employee rings up with these concerns, then we contact the employer, we go back to the employer to ask has anything changed? If it hasn't, we go back to the employer until we get a resolution on the matter."

Protecting homeworkers doesn't have to be complicated. We now offer a reasonably-priced remote display screen equipment consultation service, which can take place over video chat. From this, our expert assessors draw up a comprehensive report detailing their findings and any solutions they can recommend, including lighting tips.

This is a great way of identifying problem areas and finding the most fitting solution before issues escalate and lead to costly absenteeism and plummeting productivity. Staff will know they are valued and that their day-to-day wellbeing matters to their employer.

Once an assessment has been conducted, we can then provide the necessary desks, chairs and equipment (with set-up and installation if required) and advise on using it properly. You can find plenty of free resources on how to sit, how often to move and other healthy habits in our learning guides section.