Lotus™ RT Sit-Stand Workstation is built for open, collaborative spaces

Booth-culture is over; the modern office is all about collaboration, creativity and freedom.

Lifestyle image showing the Lotus™ RT Sit-Stand Workstation attached to a desk within an office environment

This is the concept encapsulated by the new Lotus™ RT Sit-Stand Workstation from Fellowes. In the world of sit-stand desk design, it certainly stands out. It's something between a free-float adjustable monitor arm and a sit-stand platform, allowing the user to swing it aside to make room on their desk, and lift it up and down to move between sitting and standing.

The RT is well-suited to creative environments where work tasks change frequently. With this desk it's easy to bounce from intensive typing or clicking, to a note-taking task, straight into an impromptu stand-up meeting.

Office design trends for 2019 are all about agility and freedom of movement. With evidence mounting against sedentary behaviour, employers are keen to get their workforces happier and healthier by freeing them from traditional working times, locations and methods.

So what makes the Lotus™ RT Sit-Stand Workstation different from other sit-stand desks and platforms on the market?

Lotus™ RT Sit-Stand Workstation key features

  • Clamps to back of existing platform
  • Adjustable arm design
  • TriMotion™ technology allowing 180° rotation at the base, 180° work surface rotation and 17” vertical adjustment
  • Real wood work surface and steel gas spring arm
  • Integrated cable channel to keep wires neat

Watch the Lotus™ RT Sit-Stand Workstation in action

How to buy a Lotus™ RT Sit-Stand Workstation

You can buy the Lotus™ RT Sit-Stand Workstation from our website, or browse our collection of monitor arms and sit-stand platforms as an alternative solution.