Make sure 'back to the office' doesn't mean back to a poor set-up

The pandemic certainly hasn't been short of unexpected challenges, but now that lockdown restrictions are over, companies refilling their offices are facing one more.

Lifestyle shot of a modern office with employees

Most businesses are embracing a hybrid model of working, with staff working some of the time at home and some in the office - but that means more (or different) equipment is needed. In fact, many of our clients are facing a major chair shortage at the office because they're all in people's homes.

Hybrid workers need a suitable ergonomic workstation both at home and at the office. For those who have already been equipped with specialist equipment to help with musculoskeletal conditions, it's especially important that all of their working environments are optimised. In some cases that may mean providing two chairs for one employee.

Introducing our chair replication and restock service

If you’re facing an equipment shortage, we’ll help restock your office with comfortable, health-enhancing ergonomic chairs that make a real difference to people’s lives. We can even completely replicate an employee's home set-up in the office with the exact chair model and specifications.

With our end-to-end seating project service, you will get:

✔️ Chair audit - we’ll assess your current seating situation and provide tailored solutions.

✔️ Seating selection – we’ll match options across the market to your desired specification and budget.

✔️ Project, delivery and installation management - our experts will guide you through every step of the process.

To chat through your situation with one of our experts, check out our seating projects page and use the form to get in touch.